Type of lakes in India

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Type of lakes in India

Lakes in India are mainly found in mountainous or coastal regions. The plains have few lakes. On the basis of their origin they can be classified as under:

  • Tectonic lakes–  Wular  lake  (Kashmir),Kumayun Lake
  • Lakes formed  due  to  volcanic  activity – Lunar Lake (Maharashtra)
  • Lagoon lakes- Chilka (Orissa), Pulicat (Tamil Nadu), Kolleru (Andhra Pradesh).
  • Glacial lakes- Khurpa Taal, Samtaal, Punataal, Malwa Taal, Nainital, Rakas Taal, Bhimtal (all Kuma yun Himalayas)
  • Lakes formed due to Aeolian process- Sambhar, Pachbhadra, Lunakransar, Didwana (Rajasthan)
  • Others- Dal lake (Kashmir), Udai Sagar, Pichola, Rajsamand, Jaisamand, Annasagar (Rajasthan), Loktak (Manipur) , Vembanad (Kerala), Husain Sagar (Andhra Pradesh)

Wetlands: India has 49 wetlands. some of them are Kolleru (A.P), Wular (J.K), Chilka (Orissa), Loktak (Manipur), Bhoj(M.P), Sambhar and Pichola (Rajasthan), Astamudi, Sasthamkitla (Kerala), Harike, Kanjali (Punjab), Ujni (Maharashtra), Renuka (U.P), Kabar (Bihar), Nabsarovar (Gujarat), Sukhna (Chandigarh

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