Transport In Madhya Pradesh

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Transport in Madhya Pradesh

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Transport is an important element of infrastructure, the economic activity and economic Wellness of any region primarily depends on the communication and the transportation of any region.Madhya Pradesh is a landlocked state thus the transport is primarily by road and Railways,through the government is continuously making efforts to have good qualitative infrastructure, but still the it is not of international standards.At present by State government is developing the transport infrastructure by PPP( public private partnership).

Transport in Madhya Pradesh is primarily based on three medium :-

  1. Roadways
  2. Railways
  3. Airways


Facts :-

  • The highest density of roads is in Satna district.
  • The lowest density is in Sheopur.
  • Madhya Pradesh Road Transport Corporation was established on June 1st 1962 and was closed on 31st December 2002.
  • Tawa Bridge is in Tawa river Hoshangabad District – is the longest bridge of the state.
  • Pradhanmantri gram Sadak Yojana on 25th December 2000.

 The Roadways system of Madhya Pradesh is divided in following four category :-

  1. National Highway
  2. State highway
  3. District roads
  4. Rural roads

National Highway

  • The national highways are constructed and maintained by NHAI( National Highway Authority of India).
  • Madhya Pradesh has 27 national highways( until may 2021).
  • The longest national highway of Madhya Pradesh is NH 3 – 717 km, AB Road( Agra Bombay road),the second longest national highway of the state is NH 44(511 km) Srinagar to Kanyakumari.
  • NH 44 is the longest national highway of India connecting the North South Corridor of NHDP.(Total 3745 km).
  • Madhav National Park is situated on NH3.
  • Smallest National Highway of the state is NH 339 B (9 km) Bheemath to Khajuraho.
  • The second smallest National Highway of the state is NH 76 (Udaipur Bandra 43 km).
  • The total length of national highway in Madhya Pradesh is 7806 km.
  • Madhya Pradesh ranks fourth in road length in India.
  • NH46 passes through Narsinghgarh.

  • List of Important National Highways of Madhya Pradesh
S.N. National Highway No.            Route       Length in KM Special Fact
1 NH 3 Agra Mumbai Road via Indore            717 Longest NH of mp
2 NH 44 Srinagar to Kanyakumari            511.2 Longest NH of India
3 NH 339 B Bheemath to Khajuraho            9 Smallest NH of mp
4 NH 12 Jaipur,Jabalpur,via Kota Rajgarh Bhopal           481
5 NH 12 A Jabalpur- Sigma           191
6 NH 25 Lucknow,Kanpur,Jhasi,Shivpuri           80
7 NH 26 Jhansi,Lakhnadone via Sagar           273
8 NH 26 A Sagar – Bina           75
9 NH 26 B Savner – Narsinghpur          221
10 NH 27 Majhgawan – Prayagraj          52
11 NH 59 Ahmedabad,Jhabua,Godhra – Dhar,Billoud,Indore          171
12 NH 59 A Indore – Betul          277
13 NH 69 Bhopal Hoshangabad Betul Nagpur          295
14 NH 69 A Multai – Seoni         158
15 NH 75 Gwalior,Jhansi,Khajuraho,


16 NH 75 A Rewa Daltonganj,Ranchi         195
17 NH 76 Udaipur – Shivpuri         43 Second smallest NH of mp
18 NH 78 Katni Shahdol Jaspur         245
19 NH 86 Bhopal,Sagar,Chhatarpur,



State Highways

  • The control of state highways is under the state government, it constructs and maintains the same.It is 11.1 % of total roads of state.
  • The longest state highway of Madhya Pradesh is SH 22 – ( Hoshangabad Narsinghpur Jabalpur Dindori Kabir chabutra).
  • The smallest state Highway of Madhya Pradesh is SH 39 A.

District Roads

  • The total length of District road in Madhya Pradesh is 19429 ( as per 2015-16)
  • These roads are developed and maintained by the State Government.
  • The district roads are nearly 22.6 % of total Roadways of the state.

Rural roads

  • Rural roads in the state are developed under the Pradhan Mantri gram Sadak Yojana.
  • The total length of rural road is 26482 kilometre which is around 55.6 % of total Road network.


The development of railways in Madhya Pradesh started before independence.Different princely states have developed Railway infrastructure in their respective territories for example Sindhiya have developed Railway line in Gwalior (294km), Holkar have developed in Malwa region –  Indore Khandwa Dewas Ujjain Ratlam.

  • The first railway line in Madhya Pradesh was laid down between 1865 to 1878, when the British government was connecting the Delhi – Mumbai route.
  • The first functional railway route of Madhya Pradesh was Jabalpur To Prayagraj in 1867.
  • The total number of railway zones in India is 17 out of which Madhya Pradesh has only one zone which was established on April 1, 2003 –  West Central Railway zone –  Jabalpur(HQ).
  • The diamond crossing railway station of Madhya Pradesh is Ratlam.
  • The biggest railway junction of Madhya Pradesh is Itarsi.And other important Railway junctions are Katni, Nagda, Ratlam.
  • Nainpur (Mandla) is emerging as one of the biggest railway junctions of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The entire Railway route in Madhya Pradesh comes under three railway zones – Central Railway(HQ Mumbai),Western Railway(HQ Churchgate-Mumbai) and South Eastern Railway(HQ. Kolkata).
  • Railway Coach Factory is in Nishatpura Bhopal.
  • The railway sleeper factory is in Budhni Sehore.
  • Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is in Bhopal.
  • The railway spring factory is in Sitholi Gwalior.
  • Habibganj Railway Station is being developed by Bansal group on PPP model.
  • The station is renamed as Atal Bihari Vajpayee station.
  • Bhopal Express is the first rail of India to get certified ISO 9001 certificate.
  • The total network of railways in Madhya Pradesh is 4903 km.
  • Railway service commission is in Bhopal.
  • Wagon repair factory is in Satna.


The development of  Civil Aviation in Madhya Pradesh is limited,as the state has less industrial economic activities.

  • Madhya Pradesh has 5 functional airports Bhopal,Indore,Gwalior,Jabalpur and Khajuraho.
  • The total number of air strips (Runways) in the state is 24.
  • Madhya Pradesh two international airports :-  Raja Bhoj International Airport Bhopal ll Devi Ahilyabai International Airport Indore.
  • Jabalpur Airport is known as Dumna airport.
  • The defence air strip is in Gwalior.
  • Civil Aviation in India was started in 1911 from Allahabad to Naini.

Other important facts about transport in Madhya Pradesh

  • NH 27 and NH 44 meet at Rewa district.
  • Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak Yojana was initiated by the government in January 2009.
  • 2005 was celebrated as the year of road by Madhya Pradesh.
  • Biaora,Rajgarh Is known as the crossing( Rashtriya rajmarg ka Chauraha) of national highways in Madhya Pradesh.
  • The Metro network in Madhya Pradesh is being developed in Indore Bhopal and Jabalpur.
  • To develop the Metro network in the state, the government has formed ‘Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Company Limited’.
  • Bhopal Metro is named after Raja Bhoj.
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