Social Harmony

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Social Harmony

Mppsc mains GS 2 Part B Unit 4 notes (Socioliogy)

Social harmony is based on the principle of Hindu cultures’s non dualism. It is India’s indigenous philosophy which is originated out of Indian social philosophy and cultural values.

In sociology it might be considered the principle of  social equality but in Indian culture it signify “aatmanvat sarvbhuteshu”.

Thus ; social harmony means absence of conflict absence of struggle and conflict and unity (means original culture is “sarv sambhav/all are equal”)

Harmony  is actually our movement which determine the unity of society.

Components of social harmony

  • Coexistence – equity, equality, ownness and detachment
  • Equality and equity instead of disparity
  • Well wishing for all/sarve bhavantu sukhi na…/vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
  • Oneness instead of discrimination
  • Dedication and cooperation instead of dependency
  • Beyond the tiny interest

Thus all of mejor teaching and philosophy like Kabir, Buddha, Jain ,sikkhism  and Ramanand impart social harmony which defect Indian Hindu  cultural consciousness.


  • Caste
  • Religion
  • region
  • race

Just abolished above all class,Varna,cult differences and establish the oneness among all.


  • It helps us to liberate the injustice of past
  • It helps to establish peace
  • Help in Women empowerment and their revive prestige
  • Helps in decision making
  • Help to protect the original culture and civilization
  • Promote interfaith believe trust.

This article is compiled by Sarvesh Nagar (NET/JRF).

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