Role Of Religion In Indian Society

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Positive role religion in Indian society

Mppsc Sociology notes GS 2 Part B Unit 4 notes

Helps economic development 

Religious influence also impacts the economy according to Max Weber protestant religion propagated capitalism same case with Buddhism and Jainism which propagated capitalism through trade and commerce. 

Basis of social organisation 

The purpose of social organisation is completed if the responsibilities  are met.. religion inspires or  forces members  to follow organisational principle and values.

Instrument of effective social control

Primitive society , when the state wasn’t formal then religion controlled, guided , directed its members, today a human can break the law but it is very difficult for him to break or reject religious laws. 

Helps in personality development

It’s not only society but individuals as well.

Emotional security

When humans are encircled by depression all round . Then science may help you to survive but cannot serve the very human needs like experience, patience, and behaviour, in both terms religion is more holistic. 

Social rule and ethics confirmation

There are many social laws which are unwritten and they are very much important for society. Actually these are duties of mankind for making them more effective, they are attached with religious emotion, therefore  they become more important. 

Control over social change

In the time of urbanization and industrialization some of the changes benefit society but some do not. In the time of anarchy and chaos in that crucial time religion promotes changes, giving confidence that “whatever god does, is best”. 

Determine duties and function

Religion is not only believe in divine power but also determine human ethical duties and also ensure their proper functionality, like it is said in Gita ; act but never expect consequences

Develop virtues

Although not all religious people go to temple but still directly or indirectly influenced. Indian religion shapes personality and character especially Hindu religion. 

It provide entertainment

If only religion is followed, it might become monotonous, that is why celebration and festivals are infused in it. It brings emotional oneness and cooperation. 

Promote social unity

Followers of one religion unites people.

Brings sacred touch of emotion

Because living a holy life is an important aspect of religion that is why every work inspires people to function  within the framework of holiness.

Negative role of religion in society

It is responsible for tension , discrimination

Conflict among interfaith religion.

Against the science

Religion believed  in divine power but science believe in in experiment ,investigation , rationality actually religion take us away from science, where as science has proven  many religious principal wrong through its experiment .

Religion is opium for society

According to Karl Marx perception like God,heaven, Karma, transmigration, sin  etc perception take people away from worldy problems. People things every problem is ” given  test” of God. So don’t  act  to solve it.

Hindrance in social progress

Religion made its people to follow thousands year old principles which are outdated in present world. It will not welcome new idea actually it pushes you back, rather than forward.

Increases social problem

Sometime social Evils are protected promoted and propagated under religious umbrella. And people consider themselves supreme and even ready to violate the country ‘s law for dowry and child marriage. .

No change with the time

Religion do not change with the time as society change and it not able to fulfill our requirement. It brings stagnation in society.

It is source of of fatalism

It maks people  lazy  Without hard work they  wants everything through poojari ,Mullah and priest. People start believing that they can get anything through religious action.

 This article is compiled by Sarvesh Nagar.(NET/JRF).

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