Role Of Public Administration In Developed And Developing Societies

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 Role of public administration in developed and developing societies

Mppsc Mains Gs Paper 2 Part B Unit 5

Role of public administration in developed societies

  • Public administration plays an important role in formulation of policies for the development of countries.
  • It provides numerous services to the public and serves their interest in many ways.
  • It is the administration which ensures the security and protection of life and property of members of the society by maintaining proper law and order.
  • Public administration provides a range of services like education, health, cultural requirements, insurance, housing, unemployment benefits, communication and transport etc.
  • It plays an important role in bringing about the economic growth of the country by operating Industries, giving loans etc.
  • Most of the developed States, especially of Europe are called administrative states and their bureaucracies perform certain specific functions. The public administration in these countries perform regulatory functions & while ensuring the enforcement of law and order, collection of revenue and the National Defence against aggression.

Challenges faced

  • Lack of coherence between numerous service providing Agencies and regulatory bodies.
  • Dominance of politicians in the matter specialised domains of bureaucracy.
  • In the developed countries the economic depression has put immense pressure on the services provided by the government.

  Role of public administration in developing societies

  • Public administration has meet the rising expectation of people –  governments of developing countries are expected to provide basic amenities to various sections of society such as women, aged persons, children, the poor, and other weaker sections of society.
  • Bureaucracy helps the political executive to formulate good policies for the Welfare of targeted persons and gets the policy implemented to get maximum output out of it.
  • It plays a crucial role in improving the living standard of people.
  • Role in socio economic development

Developing countries are in the stage of transformation and may lack in infrastructure, Technology, resources, manpower etc., so the governments of these countries have responsibility for the overall development of people. Here the public administration acts as the main part and helps the government to accomplish its objectives.

In developing countries they have limited resources, so these kinds of policies are framed through which the resources can be equally distributed among citizens.

  • Effective performance of traditional functions which support development effort

The traditional function of government is to maintain law and order. There is no development of society without maintaining it. In developing countries most sections of society can disturb law and order to fulfill their demands, which creates hurdles in the developmental process, so here public administration has a vital role in stopping such activities, such as riots.

  • Developing a sense of nationhood

A sense of nationhood is the key in a country’s development, but most of the Nations don’t have it, due to ethnic and communal conflicts, caste and, religious rivalries all these things threaten the development and Nation’s unity. Bureaucracy plays a vital role in preservation of national unity and integrity and it tries to resolve the dispute of different sections of society.

  • Helps democracy to survive

In most developing  countries Democracy is not as strong as it needs to be, because people of these countries do not have much experience with democratic systems. Therefore, these countries require the support of the Administration for survival of their democracy.


  • The administrators of the developing countries should be given training from time to time so that they can function efficiently.
  • There is a need to formulate rules and regulations(Code of conduct), which can control the unethical behaviour of an administrator.
  • The Political and Administrative structure should be established according to the needs of native people, means which can suit them and function smoothly.
  • The administrator needs to be more accountable for their functioning, which means their accountability should be fixed for their discretionary powers.
  • Corruption Red Tapism Favouritism, should be completely abolished from the administration, so that the needy person can get benefit of the Welfare policies.
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