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Mppsc Prelims Unit 9

Information and communication technology mppsc


Robotics branch of engineering teams with the conceptualizing designing manufacture operationalization of robots.

It is an disciplinary branch that includes computer science,electronics,information engineering,artificial intelligence,nanotechnology and bio engineering  etc.

  • Robots can have any form including some that resemble humans in appearance.
  • Such robots attempt to replicate human speech, cognition, walking, lifting and any other action that a human can perform.

History of robotics :-

  • Robota is a czech word  forced labour or work.
  • World Robotics first used by Isaac Asimov,In his science fiction Lior in 1941.
  • In 1956 first commercial robot created by unimation company.
  • In 1974 world first micro computer controlled electric industrial robots IRB6.

Components of robotics :-

  1. Power source – Robot use batteries for their power consumption example Lithium ion  acid batteries silver cadmium batteries etc.

other sources are solar power, pneumatic hydraulic  flywheel energy storage nuclear etc.

  1. Actuation of Robots :- Actuators are who converts the stored energy into movement.In simple language we called them as muscle of robots.
  • Most used electric motors.
  • Brushed and brushless DC Motors for portable robots.
  • AC Motors for industrial robots.
  1. Robotic Manipulation- Robots have to manipulate the object that is pickup,destroyed,modify etc.
  • Hands of robots are also known as end effectors arms are called manipulator

4.  Sensing capability of Robots –   Robots can also use radar Lidar  Sonar for sensing.

5.  Robotics locomotion :- Some Robots functions as a locomotor.

6.control system of Robots  –  The control of robots involves three different phases viz.perception, processing, and action.

Application of robotics

  1. Military :- Robots can be used in military for example DRDO built Daksh in India, Elbit Hermes 450  Israel,RQ -9 Predator by USA.IAI O fotros  iran etc.

2 .  Employment and robotics :- Robots play important role in modern manufacturing industries.

  1. Robotics in medical science :- Robots help in medical field in various ways like like robots can disinfect room,Robots can support in surgical instrument, pharmacy or in surgeries etc.
  2. Collaborative Robots Cobot :- They are designed for physically interacting with human in any shared work place.
  3. Outer application of robots :- Pathfinder mission   landed on Mars in 1997 used robotic Rover sojourner.

*  In 2003 NASA  sent twin robotic  rovers spirit and opportunity to Mars.

  1. Education application of robot :- Educational robots are those which are designed for

working as an educational platform.

Examples of educational robots are Sphere 2.0, Ollie, mBot

Robot Kit, Cubelets, Ozobot etc.

 * Types of Robots*

1    Mobile robot :- They are able to move,They can perform their tasks and search areas example Mars Explorer.

  • Robot has also two types first rolling robot second walking robot.
  1. Rolling robots they have wheels to move around.
  2. Walking robot they can walk on legs when difficult to enter with wheels.

2.  Stationary robot :- They perform repeating task without moving an inch  used in industries setting.

3. Autonomous robot – They are supporting and even These robot can  learn new behaviour.

Development of Robotics in India

  1. 1. All India Council for Robotics and Automation AICRA
  • established in 2014
  • This institution is not for profit.
  • This is the apex body for setting standards in robotics.
  1. Center for Artificial Intelligence and robotics – CAIR
  • Set up in 1986 headquarter Bangalore.
  • Main laboratory for DRDO for research & development.
  • Project of CAIR  network traffic analysis muntra NETRA  unmanned armoured vehicle by mission unmanned

### Made In India Robot ##

  Daksh –

  • Daksh is developed by DRDO it is a military robot.
  • Electrically powered and remote control robot.
  • It is design to recover improvised explosive device Daksh is purchased by Pune police force.


  • Agriculture robot.

Manav –

India’s first 3D printed humanoid robot developed by Diwakar Vaish at A set robotics  2014.

Mitra –

It was first appear at Global entrepreneurship summer 2017 in Hyderabad India created by invento robotics.

K P bot –

India’s first Robocop developed by Asimov Female police robot Kerala.

Fact – China launch first asteroid mining robot.


The article is written by Purva Tamrakar.
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