Rivers Of Madhya Pradesh

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Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

Mppsc Prelims Unit 3 Topic 1

Geography of Madhya Pradesh 2021-22-23

Madhya Pradesh is also known as mother land of rivers as various rivers originate from state, and majority of rivers of state are tributaries of other important rivers of India.

Rivers are very important for  agriculture they are great source of water and Madhya Pradesh is an  agrarian state, where these rivers provide water for irrigation facilities in the state. Moreover these rivers play a vital role in irrigation, hydroelectric projects, fisheries etc.

The rivers of Madhya Pradesh are are mainly perennial rivers which primary flows through uh rainy season.

The main rivers of Madhya Pradesh are Narmada, Chambal,Tapti,Son, Betwa, Parvati, Sindh, Ken,Shipra Tons, Tava.

The two rivers of Madhya Pradesh confluence directly  into the sea – Narmada and Tapti.

  • The rivers of Madhya Pradesh came under  six river systems of India :-

Ganga river system, Narmada river system,Tapti river system,Godavari river system,Mahanadi river system & Mahi river system.

Drainage system of Madhya Pradesh :-


Important rivers of Madhya Pradesh :-


Narmada :: Narmados/Reva/Maikalsuta/Somodevi

Notable Facts :-

  •  Origin – Amarkantak,Anuppur from Maikal range (Vindhyachal Mountain).
  • Length – 1312 km, In MP 1077 km.
  • Fifth largest river of India and lifeline of Madhya Pradesh
  • Flows through 16 district of Madhya Pradesh
  •  Flows through 3 states Madhya Pradesh > Gujarat > Maharashtra (Maximum to Minimum, Length wise).
  • It is a West flowing river which falls in gulf of Khambhat (Bharuch Gujarat) and make estuary.
  • Total tributaries 41.
  • Left Bank Tributaries:- Tava Shakkar, Dudhi, Banjar,Barnar Sher,Ganjal, Chhoti Tava,Kundi Goi & Dev.
  • Right Bank Tributaries :- Hiran,Tidoni,Barna,Maan,Ooti,Hathani,Kanar,Chandrakeshar.
  • Water Falls :- Kapil Dhara, Dugdh Dhara,(Anuppur Amarkantak),Bhedaghat (Jabalpur) Mandhar & Dadri (Khandwa), Sahastradhara(Maheshwar, Khargone).

– Total Hydropower Projects :-

29 Major, 135 Medium, 3000 Minor Projects.

– Main Hydroelectric projects:- Indira Sagar Project, Omkareshwar project (Khandwa), Maheshwar (Khargone), Sardar Sarovar ( Bharuch Gujarat) .

– Cities situated on the banks of Narmada :-

Anuppur, Umaria, Shahdol,Katni, Jabalpur, Dindori, Mandla, Narsinghpur, Hoshangabad,Harda,Dhar, Dewas, Khargone, Badwani,Khandwa, Alirajpur.

  • Tapti River :-

  • Notable Facts –
  • Origin – Multai,Betul Satpura Range.
  • West flowing river fall in gulf of Khambhat.
  • Total length – 724 km
  • Tributaries – Purna,Bori,Bhadur,Shiva,Girna.
  • Cities – Burhanpur, Multai.
  • Other name – Surya Putri
  • Hydroelectric projects – Kakrapar, Ukai project.
  • Chambal :-

Chambal originates from janapav Hills (vachu point), Mhow, Indore.

  • It is the second longest river of Madhya Pradesh,its ancient name was Dermavati and charmavati.
  •  It forms a boundary between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan as it flows in the North Eastern region of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Length – 965km
  •  Waterfall – Bhairav Garh waterfall / chuliya waterfall- Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh.(18 meter) ,Jatalpani, Jhadi daha.
  • It  is Important tributary of Yamuna.
  •  Tributaries of Chambal :-  Kalisindh, Shipra, Parvati, Banas.
  •  Cities situated  :- Indore, Ratlam, Dhar, Ujjain, Neemuch, Mandsaur Morena ,Sheopur,Bhind.
  • Chambal river creates Ravines in northern MP.
  • Ravines are created due to  Gully erosion.
  •  The Chambal ravines are found in Morena, Bhind & Sheopur districts of Madhya Pradesh.however the maximum affected district by it is Morena.
  • Hydroelectric projects :: Joint project of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It was the first hydro power project of state


 Total Number of projects on Chambal river are three :-


  1. Gandhi Sagar project  Bhanpura tehsil,Mandsaur – Total capacity 115 mw.
  2. Rana Pratap Sagar project Chittorgarh, Rajasthan – Total capacity 172 mw.
  3. Jawahar Sagar project Kota Barrage Kota Rajasthan – Total capacity 99 mw.

  • Betwa

  • Its ancient name was vetravati.
  • Origin – From Kumara Gaon Raisen.
  • It is known as ganga of madhya pradesh.(according to pollution).
  • Length – 480 Km.
  • Tributaries – Bina,Dhasan,Sindhu.
  • Its tributary BIna makes  Bhalkund waterfall in Rahatgarh, Sagar.
  • Tourist spots / cities – Orchha Sanchi Vidisha Guna.
  • Ken Betwa link project was one of the country’s first river linking project.
  • Hydro power projects –

Maharani Lakshmi Bai Sagar project flash MataTila project  in Jhansi.

Halali dam and Bhander dam.

  •    Son

  • Son is one of the rivers which originates from Amarkantak (  others are Narmada and Johila).
  • Son is an important river of India, it is an important tributary of Ganga (meets near Patna).
  • Length 780 kilometre
  • Important tributaries Rihand and johila.
  • District – Shahdol, Umaria, Sidhi.
  • Other names – Sonbhadra, Swarna river.
  • Hydro power project Bansagar  Project in Devlond schedule – Shahdol.It is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
  •  Kshipra

  • t is an important river of mp.known for simhasth kumbh (last was on 2016)
  • Origin – kakrabardi ujjain.
  • Kshipra is an important tributary of chambal.
  • Length – 195 km.
  • Tributary – Gambhir & Khan river (Khan originates from indore ).

  • Kalisindh

  • Origin – Bagli village Dewas.
  • It is an important tributary of Chambal.
  • sonkatch on Kali Sindh river.
  • Tava

  • Origin: Mahadev Hill pachmarhi.
  • It is the largest tributary of Narmada river.
  • Longest  Bridge of Madhya Pradesh is on the Tawa river near Babai Hoshangabad.
  • Length – 172 km.
  • Sindh ::  Origin – Sironj Vidisha. It is an important tributary of Yamuna.
  • Ken :: Katni (Vindhyachal mountain) , Pandav falls is this river.
  • Kuno :: shivpuri plateau
  • Vardha :: Vardhan peak Multai, Betul.
  • Kuvari :: Shivpuri plateau.
  • Benganga :: origin – Paraswada plateau,Seoni mp.Asia’s largest dam of clay (mitti)  is in this river – Sanjay Sarovar.
  • Parvati :: Ashta, Sehore.
  • Tons :: Origin – Kaimur hills Maihar- Satna.
  • Gaar ::Origin – Lakhnadon, Seoni.
  • Satak ::Origin – Khargone
  • Mahi :: Origin – Sardarpur, Dhar
  • Behad :: Origin – Rewa
  • Shakkar :: Origin – Narmada
  • Chhoti tawa :: Origin – Betul

Facts –

  • Vardha & Benganga jointly known as Pranhita.
  • Tapti river makes Ravines near Bhaisdesi Betul.
  • Most Devastating floods are in Son river.
  • Ganga of Malwa – Kshipra.
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