Rig Vedic Economy

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Economy Of Rig Vedic Period

The Aryans have crossed the nomadic stage, yet great importance attached to the herds of cattle ,various animal were domesticated there economy was evolved around the cow even most of their activities were expressed through cows but their society  still remain rurul.

There was little Agriculture, out of 10462 only in 24 hymns discuss about agriculture weeding, sowing, crop harvesting, activities were discussed . cultivators called “Lanagl” Ox was used in cultivating for sowing the land, they were aware of well and canal,tillable land is called “urvara” or kshetra , they used fertilizers (Karishu) for productivity, grain is called yav and Dhanya.

Domestication of animal – The whole economy of Aryans revolve around us cows it is the basics of their economy the cow is given so much importance that their every activities   somehow Incorporated with name of cow.

Daughter – Dohita

Richman  – Gomat

Time unit – Godhuli

War           – Gavsthi

Wheat       – Godhum

King          – Gopa

Distance   – Gavyatu

Agriculture –  Subsistence nature of agriculture and  subsidiary role, wheat and barley were important , they are well aware of irrigation and  cultivating land, sowing, harvesting weeding, Ox is used  cultivating for sowing the land.

Craft and other occupations – since agriculture was not given importance and was not in surplus condition other occupation did not get much space but still some partition can be seen Potters,Chariot maker, bronzesmith carpenter  etc . they used silver copper and bronze is a metal  they also aware about metallurgy Sewing and knitting is exercise by both male and female.

Trade – Since agriculture and other occupation were not advanced enough, it directly resulted into  low trade and Commerce, .”Pani” were referred as a trader which are affiliated with non Arya.

Money system – barter  system vouge in those days , nishk(ornaments or part of it ), shatman (set of 100 cows)   fixed value was a mode of exchange.

In a nutshell it was a rural economy and more focus on domestication of cattle  there was little no. Of Craft, limited trade ,productivity,complexity and Diversity in economy .everything was  an indirect exercise, money and market . world not known ornament of fixed value were medium of exchange  Shatmaan ,barter system.

This article is compiled by Sarvesh nagar.(NET/JRF).

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