MPPSC Prelims Books for English medium 2020-21

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 “Best book list for MPPSC prelims in English medium”



MPPSC prelims consists of two papers :-

1.GS : GENERAL STUDIES :: 100 Question::200 marks :: 2 Hours

2.CSAT :  CIVIL SERVICES APTITUDE TEST :: 100 Questions :: 200 Marks :: 2 Hours

 NOTE ::-

      1. Each question will carry 2 marks and no negative marking for wrong answers.

  1. 2. The merit in state civil service exam will be based on GS paper while the CSAT will be qualified in nature means the CSAT one has to secure 40% marks for general catagory and 30% for reserved class on the other hand in state forest service exam the merit is based on both papers GS and CSAT.

The new syllabus for mppsc prelims in which the MPPSC 2020 onwards exam are scheduled to held is classified in 10 units and each unit will probably  carry 10 questions in in the preliminary exam of of MPPSC

Unit 1,3,5 ,6 and 10 can be considered as high priority  for important units for preliminary exam in this the earlier 3 units should be in in the highest priority as it carries 30% weightage in the exam.

Sources of MPPSC prelims 2020- 2021-22 :-


  1. Unit 1,3 and 5 are devoted to Madhya Pradesh GK —-

Sources –Blogs of  www.mppsc.org    who have covered all unit wise,error free content with their team and couple of freelance writers.


UNIT ::- 6 Constitution Government and Economy of India

Sources :- Specific units of m laxmikanth which should be precisely based on syllabus “मतलब यह की पूरी लक्ष्मीकांत नहीं पढ़नी है केवल उतना पोर्शन पढ़ना है जो सीधा सीधा सिलेबस में लिखा है।”

Economy of India :- sources – Basic concepts from Mrunal videos class  & Lucent

Unit -: 10 National and regional constitutional statutory bodies

Sources :- M Laxmikant plus internet

Unit 9 :- Information and communication technology

Sources :- Internet self prepared notes topic wise

Second priority units:- 2,4,7,8

Unit :- 2 History of India :-

Ancient mediaeval and modern post independence history


concepts of all these can be covered from following books  :-

Ancient from Akhil Murti

Mediaeval from Satish Chandra

Modern from spectrum

Post independence history from prime minister series of ABP news or the internet


Lucent ratta fication jindabad  – It will cover all one line facts for prelims.

Unit. 4 Geography of World and India

Sources :- NCERT class 11th and 12th and internet for other fillers topics or

Unit. 7 :- Science and Technology

Sources :-

*Core  science from Lucent *Technology from internet . Environment from Ojha sir book which published from prayagraj Or

* Food processing agriculture product technology  health policy and programs pollution natural disaster and management from Internate.

Unit. 8  Current international and national affairs

Sources:- speedy book  or  Nirman IAS current affair book.

Disclaimer – The above article is compiled by the member of team mppsc.org from various sources available online and offline, while the writing expression is given by the members of team mppsc.org . Moreover the article is solely for instructional / educational purpose only, which is free with no subscription charges on this platform and does not intend to cause any copyright infringement. If anyone has any issue regarding the same email us – team@mppsc.org or mppsc.org@gmail.com describing your rights (with valid proof attached in pdf format) to unpublish the article or to mention credit.

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