Mountains And Mountain Ranges Of Madhya Pradesh

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Mountains and mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh

 MPPSC prelims unit 3 topic 1

Madhya Pradesh  has mainly three mountain ranges :-

Vindhyachal mountain, Satpura mountain and Rajpipla mountain series.All mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh are  block mountain category, moreover both the ranges are adjacent with Narmada Son rift Valley.

Vindhyachal Mountain :-

  • It is the oldest mountain series of the state and situated in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. It’s easternmost Hill is Kaimur and westernmost is Kakrabardi hills.
  • Composition –  Redstone ,Quartz and Silica.
  • Situated Northern side of Narmada river.
  • Extension – West to Eastern Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,Bihar.
  • Districts in Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal,Raisen,Sehore,Dhar,Damoh,Katni,Shahdol.
  • Soil – Black and Mountainious Soil.
  • Rivers – Ken,Tons,Betwa.
  • Average Rainfall – 125 cm.
  • Forest – Mainly Teak and Tendu.
  • Minrals – Lime Stone,Coal,Geru.
  • Industrial Areas – Pithampur (Dhar),Mandeep (Raisen),Bhopal.
  • Major Crops – Gram,Wheat,Soyabean.
  • Tourists spots – Amarkantak,Bhimbethka,Sanchi.
  • East to West hills of vindhyachal mountain :-


Kaimur hills — Bhander hills — Udaygiri hills — Bhimbethka hills– Janapav hills — Kakrabardi hills

  • Kaimur hills – Origin point of Tons river.
  • Janapav hills – Origin of Chambal river.
  • Kakrabardi hills – Origin of Shipra river.
  • Bhopal is situated on Vindhyachal mountain & situated on Seven Hills.

Satpura Mountain Range :-

  •  Situated in Southern side of Narmada river.
  • It is parallel to the Vindhyachal mountain range.
  •  In Madhya Pradesh it starts from Amarkantak to Rajpipla mountain range; some portion of the Rajpipla series is in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • Amarkantak Hills are in Eastern margin of Satpura mountain range from where Narmada Son and Johila river are Originals.
  • The highest peak of Madhya Pradesh Dhupgarh (1350meter) is in this range.
  • Tawa river originates from the Mahadev series.
  • Pancmarhi is situated on Mahadev range of satpura series.

Rajpipla Mountain Range :-

  •  Western margin of Madhya Pradesh which is up to Burhanpur pass.
  • It has the following  Four Hills :-
  • Akhrani
  • Barwani
  • Asirgarh
  • Bijalgarh
  • Tapti river originates from these Hills.
  • These four Hills are situated on the bank of Narmada and Tapti river.
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