Major tribes of Madhya Pradesh

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Madhya Pradesh has largest number of tribes in India. Tribes are indigenous people who have distinct primitive traits, distinct culture, geographycal isolation and shy in general to connect with mainstream community. The tribes have been acknowledged by the constitution of India under article 366(25) and article 342.

Important facts about Scheduled Tribes in Madhya Pradesh and in India for MPPSC :-

* Gond is the largest tribe of India while Bhil is the largest tribe of Madhya Pradesh.

* As per 2011 census the total percentage of tribal population in India is 8.2% and in Madhya Pradesh 21.1%..

* The specific backward tribes of Madhya Pradesh are three :- Baiga, Sahariya & Bhariya. These are recognised by the government of India.

*Thakkar Bappa was the first person who used the term Adivasi for schedule castes.

* District wise schedule caste in Madhya Pradesh :-

Maximum schedule tribes :-

In population :- Dhar > Barwani > Jhabua

In percentage :- Alirajpur > Jhabua > Barwani

Minimum schedule Tribes :-

In percentage :- Bhind > Datia > Morena

In population :- Ujjain

* Maximum scheduled caste in percentage in state and union territories are :-

Mizoram 94.4% and Lakshadweep 94.8%. (as per 2011 census).

* The tribal museum is at Chhindwara (Badal bhoi tribal museum) and Bhopal.

* The tribal research and development institute is at Bhopal.

* Vanya publication :- 1980 in Bhopal.

* Madhya Pradesh tribal finance and development corporation was established in 1994 and started functioning from 1st April 1995.

* Tribes and their youth homes (yuva grah)  

    Sr no.                       Tribe             Youth home
1. Gond Ghotul
2. Munda Gatiora
3. Bhariya Rang Bang
4. Uraon Dhumkoriya
5. Bhuiya Dhangarbansa
6. Mudiya Ghotul

Major tribes of Madhya Pradesh mppsc prelims and mains 2020-2021:-

Bhil tribe :-

* It is the largest tribe of Madhya Pradesh in population. The word Bhil means ‘Villuvar’ means the one who carries bows and arrows.

* Key Facts :-

Region :- Jhabua, Alirajpur, Dhar, Badwani, Khargone

Residence :- Called Fallya

God :- Lord Shiva

Judge of Bhili court :- Patel

Sub tribe :- Patelia, Bhilala,Barela.

Folk dance :- Bhagoriya

Marriage pattern :- Gol Gadhedo, Bhagoriya, Apharan.

Agriculture :- Chimata (Shifting/Jhum cultivation)

* Muslim Bhil are known as Tadvi Bhil.

Gond :-

* Largest tribe of India and second largest tribe of state.

* The word Gond arrived from a Telugu word Kond which means mountain.

* Gonds are divided in two category rajgond (Ruler) and durgond.


Key facts :-

* Region :- Both side of Narmada river main districts :- Betul, Hoshangabad, Balaghat, Chhindwara, Mandla, Dindori, Shahdol.

Marriage pattern :- Dudh loutava(mostly popular), Pathoni , Chadh,Lamsena.

God :- Dulha dev , Thakur dev, Budhi mai,Narayan dev,Khair mai.

Dances :- Karma, Saila,Bilma.

Festivals :- Madai{most popular is of Mandla and in undivided Madhya Pradesh Bastar(Narayanpur)}, Bidri, Jawara.

~ Gond belong to proto Australiad family.

Death song :- Khehul pata

– Polygamy and patriarchal society is there essential feature.

Sub tribe:- Pardhan, agariya,Ojha,Nagarchi,kamar.

Bhariya tribe :-

Bhariya means the one who carries weight.They consider themselves as Raja Karn’s  (Mahabharat wale) Ancestor.Bhariya is specific backward tribe of Madhya Pradesh.

Key facts:-

Region :- Patalkot (Tamiya – Chhindwara mainly), Jabalpur, seoni, Balaghat.

Village head :- Patel

Habitat place called :- Dhana.

Dance :- Bhadam sailam

Food – Pej , Lachka

* Bhumka is an important official of their community.

Marriage :- Raji – Baji, Lamsena, Magni.

Festivals :- Jawara, Dipawali, Dussehra,Holi.

God :- Buddha dev , Nag dev, Dulha dev Bhimsen.

Sub tribe :- Bhuihar,Bhumiya,Panda.

Sahariya tribe :-

Saharia is specific backward tribe of Madhya Pradesh.

Meaning :- With tiger

Key facts :-

Region :- Guna , Shivpuri, Gwalior, Morena, Bhind.

~ Most saharia are lazy and indulged in drinking Alcohol,and don’t want to work Thus they are in heavy debt.

– They like to call themselves Khutiya patel.

– They celebrate mostly Hindu festivals.

Dance:- Duldul ghodi, Lahengi.

Baiga tribe :-

It is a specific backward tribe of Madhya Pradesh. They belong to to Dravidian Gond.

Key Facts :-

Region :- Mandla Balaghat Dindori Sidhi Amarkantak.

Sub tribes :- Binjhwar, Bharotiya,Narotiya, Nahar.

Marriage :- Chadh,Lamsena, chor.

God’s :- Budha dev (In Sal tree)

Dance :- Pardhoni, Karma, Saila.

Agriculture :- Shifting cultivation

Tinka todna – Symbol of divorce

Food :- Basi(breakfast), pej(lunch) and biyari (dinner).

Book :- Baiga by Varrier Elvin.

* Baigachak area – Mandla district allocated by govt of mp.

Korku tribe :-

Key facts :-

Region:- Betul ,Hoshangabad ,Harda, Chhindwara East Nimar.

Sub tribe :- Nahar, Bodoya, Bavariya , Movasikama.

Korku means :- Group of people.

– Movasikama Korku are of criminal nature.

Marriage :- Lamsena, Lamjhena.

Folk Drama :- Khambswang

Pardhi :-

It is a bird hunter tribe the word pardhi means hunting.

Key facts:-

Region :- Sehore, Raisen, Bhopal, Ashoknagar,Guna.

Sub tribe:- Cheeta,Shishi Tel,Gosai,phans pardhi.

Kol tribe :-

Key facts :-

Region :- Rewa , Satna, Shahdol,Sidhi

God :- Dulha dev,Thakurain dai.

Sub tribe :- Rotele, Rotiya,Shaitiya.

– Kol panchayats are known is Gohia (imp fact).

Festivals :- Mainly Hindu festivals.

Panika tribe :-

Key facts:-

Region :-  Sidhi, Shahdol

These are followers of Kabir.

Agariya tribe :-

It is assumed that iron was invented by Agariya tribe.

Key facts :-

Region :- Dindori, Mandla, Balaghat.

God :- Lohasur ( which assumed to resides in Furnace).

– Agariya is sub tribe of Gond.

They consider urad dal as a good omen.

Food :- pork

Banjara tribe :-

Banjara consider themselves as ancestors of Rajput.

It is a ghumakkar tribe of mp.

Banjara women like to decorate themselves moreover it is assumed that the combo is is firstly used by this tribe.

There Tent (Settlement place) is called Tada.

Uraon tribe :- Region – Singrouli,Sidhi, Shahdol, Anuppur.

Madhiya :-

Region :- Panna,Jabalpur, Mandla, Chhindwara.

Khairwar tribe :-

Region:-  Sidhi Shahdol Panna, Chhatarpur.

Work :- Making Khair ( Catechu).

Halva tribe :- Balaghat.

This topic is very important and high profile topic for mppsc prelims and mains so all aspirants are advised to prepare it well.

Probable question in Mppsc mains from tribes :-

3 marker  :-  1. Bhil tribe 2. Gond tribe

5 marker :- 1. Write a shorte note on largest tribe of madhya pradesh. 2. write a short note on specific backward tribes of MP?

11 marker :- 1.Define tribe and its constitutional aspects? also discuss the different tribes of MP with special focus on their culture?

2. discuss the key policies of govt. of india and govt of mp for the welfare of schedule tribes.

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