Major Irrigation And Electrical Projects In Madhya Pradesh

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Major irrigation and electrical projects in Madhya Pradesh

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Major irrigation projects in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an agrarian state, thus it is very important to have ample amounts of water resources  however as the Tropic of Cancer passes almost in the middle of the state thus the northern region and the southern region has different climatic conditions, which makes the State’s climate based on monsoon.

The majority of rainfall occurs during the rainy season,thus  it is important to have good management of existing water resources.

Madhya Pradesh is known as the motherland of rivers as various rivers originate from here,these rivers play a crucial role in the irrigation of agrarian land of the state.

There are various sources of irrigation in the state such as multipurpose river valley projects, dams, canals,wells,tubewells, ponds etc.


Important facts

  • The most irrigated districts in Madhya Pradesh are :- Datia (64.06%)>  Sheopur >  Hoshangabad >
  • The least irrigated districts in Madhya Pradesh  are :-  Dindori (0.46%)  Anuppur >  Mandala >
  • The highest irrigated region of Madhya Pradesh is Chambal River Valley region , Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The least irrigated region of Madhya Pradesh is Eastern Madhya Pradesh, Baghelkhand and Dindori Mandla region.
  • The Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA) was formed in 1985, its headquarter is in Bhopal.
  • Chandel were the first rulers of Madhya Pradesh who constructed ponds in Bundelkhand region.
  • The first Canal of Madhya Pradesh was constructed in wainganga river in Balaghat district.
  • The highest groundwater in the state is in  Hoshangabad  and least groundwater is in Burhanpur.
  • The maximum irrigation by windmills is in Indore.
  • Jalabhishek Abhiyan :- It was launched by Madhya Pradesh government on April 2nd 2006, the purpose of this mission was water conservation and preservation. This mission was awarded the Kapam award by the Commonwealth.
  • Maximum amount of groundwater for irrigation used in Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The irrigation capacity of Madhya Pradesh is 112.90 lac hectare .
  • The foundation of Narmada Kshipra link project was led by Virendra Kumar saklecha in 1977 and it was completed in 2012.
  • Aayakat Command Area Development program Was first started in 1974 75 for Etawah and Chambal river valley project, the purpose of this project was the efficient management of land and water resources.
  • The irrigation resources in Madhya Pradesh are very essential as various regions of the state receive less than 75 cm precipitation.
  • Narmada control authority was est. in 1980.

Medium of irrigation in Madhya Pradesh

  1. Wells :- Maximum irrigation by this 69.76%, Mainly in Bundelkhand,Baghelkhand and Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Ponds :- Third imp. Source – 3.95%, Mainly in Balaghat and Seoni district.
  3. Canals and Dams :- It is a very crucial and emerging source of irrigation of Madhya Pradesh, due to the presence of various rivers the state government has developed different multipurpose river valley projects and has created canals system for irrigation in the entire state.(20.95% approx)
  4. Other Resources :- It mainly includes borewells,it is the primary source of irrigation in Bhind, Morena, Datia, Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh districts.

River valley projects of Madhya Pradesh

Chambal Valley Project

  • The Chambal Valley region of Madhya Pradesh is a rain deficit region, and the Chambal river is known as  the lifeline of this region.
  • Chambal is an important tributary of Yamuna river.
  • It is a joint Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan started in 1953 – 54 and functional since 1960.
  • This project was constructed in three phases :- Gandhi Sagar project (1954), Rana Pratap Sagar and Jawahar Sagar / Kota Barrage.

Gandhi Sagar project

  • It is in Bhanpura Tehsil of Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh.
  • Its power generation capacity is 115 MW.
  • The right side canals of this project irrigates Madhya Pradesh while the left Bank canals irrigates Rajasthan.
  • Irrigation capacity – 3.5 lakh acre.

Rana Pratap Sagar project

  • This project is in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan(Rawatbhata).
  • Power generation capacity is 172 MW.

Jawahar Sagar project / Kota Barrage

  • This project is located in Kota district of Rajasthan.
  • Its power generation capacity is 99 MW.
  • Ambah, Morena and Tawa Mau are important Canals Of this project.

Narmada Valley Project

Narmada is an important  inter state river originating from  Amarkantak Maikal mountain, It is country’s 5th largest river and lifeline of Madhya Pradesh. It has 41 tributaries. The total length of this river is1 is1312 km.

  • There have been various disputes related with use of Narmada river water and were  resolved by various committees – Dr A.N.Khosla Committee(1964), Narmada water dispute authority(1969) under the chairmanship of justice Radha Swami,Saifuddin Soz Committee (2006), Shunglu committee.
  • The Narmada bachao movement( Andolan) was led by Baba Amte, Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy.
  • The total projects in Narmada river are 29 major,139  medium, 3000 minor.

Indira Sagar Project

  • This project was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi on October 23rd 1984.
  • It is in Punasa village of Khandwa district.
  • This project is jointly run by the central and state government — NHPC(National Hydroelectric Power Corporation 51%) & NHDC (Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation 49% A govt. Of MP enterprises).
  • Power generation capacity of Punasa dam is 1000 MW. (250mw * 4 unit).

Omkareshwar Project

  • It is in Mandhata village of Khandwa district.
  • its power generation capacity is 520 MW.
  • This project provides irrigation facilities in Khargone and Dhar district.

Maheshwar Project

  • Maheshwar project is in Khargone.
  • its power generation capacity is 400 MW. (40mw*10 unit).
  • Sardar Sarovar Project
  • This project is in Bharuch district(Devariya) of Gujarat.
  • It is the largest project on Narmada river, jointly operated by Madhya Pradesh Gujarat, Rajasthan in Maharashtra.
  • Pandit Nehru proposed this project on April 5th 1961, and it was completed in September 2017.
  • The total electricity generation capacity of this project is 1450 megawatt.
  • The project has capacity to irrigate an area of 22000 hectare land.
  • It was in controversy for a very long time, especially for the height of Dam.

Bansagar Project

  • Bansagar project is on Son river, it originates from Amarkantak plateau and is an important tributary of Ganga.
  • Bansagar project is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Murarji Desai laid the foundation of this project in 1978.
  • It is in Deolond Shahdol.
  • There are various canals on Bansagar reservoir – Sinhaval,Kyoti,Purva,Bhitri,Gudh mauganj,Tyothar.
  • The power generation capacity of the Bansagar project is 425 MW.

Bargi Project (Rani Awantibai Project)

  • This project is in bargi village near Jabalpur.
  • The foundation for this project was laid in 1975 and was completed in 1988.
  • The  power generation capacity e is 90 MW.
  • This project provides irrigation facilities in Jabalpur, Narsinghpur ,Mandala and Seoni districts.

Tawa Project

  • Tawa river is an important tributary of Narmada it originates from Satpura mountain.
  • The Tawa river project  was initiated in 1958, and was completed in 1978.
  • The project satisfies the irrigation requirement of Hoshangabad and Harda district.
  • The Tawa reservoir Makes Western boundary with Satpura National Park and Bori wildlife sanctuary.
  • The longest bridge of Madhya Pradesh is constructed on the Tawa river in Hoshangabad district.

Rajiv Sagar (Bavanthari Project)

  • This project is on the Wainganga river.
  • The project is in Katangi Tehsil of Balaghat.
  • It is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • The project was started in 1978.
  • The project provides irrigation facilities in Balaghat district.

Mahi Project

  • Mahi river originates from sardarpur Dhar.
  • In this project two reservoirs are constructed – one is in Dhar district and another in Jhabua.
  • The project provides irrigation facilities in Dhar and Jhabua districts.
  • Joint project of MP & RJ.

Halali Project (Samrat Ashok Sagar Project)

  • This project is in the Halali river in Vidisha District.
  • The project provides irrigation facilities in Vidisha and Raisen District.

Maan Project

  • Mann project is in Mann river in Dhar district.
  • The project provides irrigation facilities in Dhaar region of Madhya Pradesh.

Urmil Project / Sinhpur Barrage

  • It is in Urmil river in Chhatarpur district.
  • It is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh government.

Rajghat Project (Rani Laxmi Bai Project / Mata Tila Reservoir Project)

  • This project is on Betwa river And in Lalitpur district of Uttar Pradesh.
  • It is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Matatila dam is under this project.
  • The power generation capacity  is 45 MW.

Pench Project

  • This project is in machagora village of Chhindwara district also known as macha Gora Dam.
  • It is a joint project of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • The project provides irrigation facilities in Balaghat Chhindwara and Madhya Pradesh.

Sanjay Sarovar Project (Upper Wainganga Project)

  • This project is in the Wainganga river.
  • It is in Bhimgarh village of Seoni district.
  • It provides irrigation facilities to Seoni and Balaghat district.
  • It is Asia’s largest Mud Dam (Mitti Ka Bandh).

Other Projects

  • Barna Project – In Raisen district(Badi – Bareli).It provides irrigation facilities in Raisen and Sehore district.
  • Thawar Project – In Thawar river, & in Mandla Districts. Started in 1977.
  • Kolar Road – Started in 1979, in Sehore Dist. Provide drinking water facilities in Bhopal.
  • Choral River Project – In Choral river – In Indore.
  • Thanwar Project – In Tanwar river – in Mandla.
  • Bagh Project – In Bagh river – Barwani District.
  • Sukta Project – In Sukta river – Khandwa.
  • Sindh Project – In Sindh river – Shivpuri.
  • Bhander Canal Project – In Betwa river – Irrigates in Datia,Gwalior,Bhind.
  • Nargawa Project – Nargawa river – In Chhatarpur.
  • Dejla – Deora Project – Kunda river – Khargone.
  • Helon Project – In Helon river – Mandla.
  • Greater Gangau Project – Ken river – Chhatarpur – Panna.
  • Pariyarpur Canal Project – Ken river – Chhatarpur Panna.
  • Jobat Project – In Hathni river – In Alirajpur.
  • Sita Reva Project – In Sita Reva river – In Chhindwara.
  • Satak Dam – on Satak river.
  • Lower Goi Project – In Goi River – Barwani

Major Canals of Madhya Pradesh

(This Topic is very important from mppsc mains 5 marker)

Canals play a crucial role for irrigation of any region. In Madhya Pradesh there are various canals which are developed by the state government. Most of the canals in Madhya Pradesh are constructed in Narmada river valley project, Chambal river valley project and Mata Tila river project.


  1. Tawa Canal
  • It originates from Tawa project Hoshangabad in the meeting point of Tawa and Dhaneva river.
  • Total Length 197 Km.
  • Irrigated area 3 lakh hectare land.
  1. Chambal Canal
  • It enters from the Sheopur district in M.P.
  • It has a total of three branches – 1. Ambah branch 2. Morena branch 3. Mau branch.

  1. Halali Canal
  • This Canal is in Vidisha district  under Betwa river valley development project.
  • Its total strength is 761 km.
  • The total irrigated area under this Canal is 73.5 thousand hectare.
  • The canal irrigates mainly Vidisha & Raisen District.
  1. Barna canal
  • It is an important tributary of Narmada river.
  • Barna canal originates from Barna dam, it has a total of two branches.
  • Total irrigated area is 66400 hectares, of Hoshangabad and Raisen districts.
  1. Wainganga canal
  • Originates from Sanjay sarovar dam.
  • Total length 45 km.
  • Total irrigated area 4000 hectare land.
  • Irrigated districts – Balaghat (mp) & Bhandara (Mh).
  1. Bargi Canal
  • Originates from Rani Avantibai sagar project
  • Irrigates mainly Jabalpur district.
  1. Bhander Canal Project
  • Originates from Matatila / Rajghat project
  • Mainly Bhind and Morena district of MP.
  1. Bariyarpur left canal project
  • From Ken river.
  • Mainly irrigated districts of Chhatarpur Panna.
  • It is the oldest canal of MP started in 1906.
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