Major Industries Of Madhya Pradesh Part 2

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Important Agencies of Industrial Department of Madhya Pradesh 

  • Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation –  It was established in 1965 in Bhopal. in 16 October 1987 it was registered as a company under Company Act 1956. It is the State’s leading Industrial Agency run by the government.
  • Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam Limited –  It was established on December 28 1961 in Bhopal. Its primary responsibility is to ensure the supply of raw material to the small units of state; moreover it also helps the Handicrafts and the waivers of state. Its centres are in Indore Jabalpur Gwalior and Bhopal(H.Q.).
  • Madhya Pradesh Finance Corporation –  Madhya Pradesh Finance Corporation was established to help and manage the industries of Government and private sector. Its headquarter is in Indore.
  • Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts development corporation – It was established in 1981 its headquarter is in Bhopal. Its primary responsibility is to assist and promote the Handicrafts man and their products.In 1999 it was renamed as Madhya Pradesh Handicrafts and Development Corporation and was further renamed in 2013 as Sant Ravidas Madhya Pradesh Hastashilp evam Hatkargha Vikas Nigam.
  • Madhya Pradesh Khadi evam gramodyog board –  Madhya Pradesh government has established the board to promote the Khadi industry in the state, its headquarter is in Bhopal.
  • Madhya Pradesh trade and Investment facilitation Corporation Limited – This corporation was established under Madhya Pradesh export Corporation Limited, its main purpose is to to attract foreign capital in the domestic industrial market moreover to attract the non-residential Indians’s ( aapravasi)  investment  in the state.
  • Madhya Pradesh Export Corporation Limited – It was established to promote export from the state in 1977. Its headquarter is in Bhopal.It primarily provides training to promote business activities and export in the state.
  • Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Corporation –  It was established in 1961 in Bhopal, its primary responsibility is to promote the Co-operative industries in the state.
  • Madhya Pradesh Textile Corporation –  It was established in 1970 in Indore, to promote the cotton textile industry in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Madhya Pradesh state Textile Corporation – It was established in 1966 – 67, to promote the handicraft industry in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Mrignayani Emporium – Mrignayani Emporium are working under, Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Vikas Nigam Limited, These emporiums are primarily government’s outlets for various different handicrafts and other indigenously developed the products such as  Chanderi sarees, Maheshwar sarees, kosa sarees, handmade ornaments, other dresses etc. There are various showrooms of Mrignayani (Total 12) – Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Rewa, Udaipur, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Nagpur, Durg, Raipur.

Classification of districts of Madhya Pradesh on the basis of industrial development

 The districts of Madhya Pradesh are classified in two categories in terms of industrial development –  developed districts and underdeveloped districts.The developed districts are six while the underdeveloped districts are categorised in three categories – A,B,C.

Developed districts – Bhopal, Jabalpur, Katni, Gwalior, Indore, Ujjain

Underdeveloped districts

Category A –  Sheopur, Shahdol, Harda, Umriya, Neemuch, Satna, Vidisha, Ratlam, Morena, Mandsaur, Khandwa, Hoshangabad, Dewas.

Category B – Damoh,Ashok Nagar, Guna, Sagar, Seoni, Narsinghpur, Chhindwara, Balaghat, Sehore, Betul.

Category C – Badwani, Shivpuri, Shajapur, Rajgarh, Raisen, Mandala, Khargon, Jhabua, alirajpur, Dhaar, Tikamgarh, Chhatarpur, Panna Sidhi, Rewa.

Industrial Development Centres

The concept of industrial development was first initiated in 1993, by the state government, to promote industries in Madhya Pradesh, in which initially 26 industrial development centres were established. At present the state has a total 33 industrial development centres, out of these six are recognised by the central government.(27 & 6 ).

Industrial Development Centres recognised by Central government (6)

Sr.No. Industrial Development Centre             Districts
1. Purena Panna
2. Pilukhedi Rajgarh
3. Malanpur Bhind
4. Maneri Mandla
5. Pithampur Dhar
6. Meghnagar Jhabua

Industrial Development Centres recognised by State Government (27)

Sr.No. Industrial Development Centre               Districts
1. Pratappura Nimari
2. Mandideep Raisen
3.  Waidhan   Singrauli
4. Maksi Shajapur
5. Chandrapur Chhatarpur
6. Banmore Morena
7. Jawra Ratlam
8. Bandol Seoni
9. Borgaon  Chhindwara
10. Bagaspur Narsinghpur
11. Kirnapur Balaghat
12. Badera Damoh
13. Bhavsinghpura Khandwa
14. Najarpur Ujjain
15. Morwan Neemuch 
16. Gudh Rewa
17. Harda  Harda
18. Maihar Satna
19. Dewas Dewas
20. Murkal khapa Seoni
21. Amanpura Damoh
22. Acharpura,Govindpura,Bagroda,Peepalner Bhopal
23. Karodhara Shivpuri
24. Badera Datia
25. Siddhagawa Sagar
26. Chainpura  Guna  

27.            Vidisha                                                                 Vidisha

Other important facts related to industries in Madhya Pradesh

  • Madhya Pradesh mining Corporation is in Bhopal.
  • The food parks of Madhya Pradesh are in Maneri Mandla, Borgaon Chhindwara, Malanpur Bhind, Nimrani Khargone, Jaggakhedi Mandsaur, Babai Hoshangabad.
  • Madhya Pradesh Silk Federation was established in 1997 in Bhopal.
  • HMT Watch factory was in Betul.
  • The technology park is in Raghogarh Guna.
  • The Headquarters of Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board is in Bhopal.
  •  Madhya Pradesh Gems refining Centre is in Jabalpur.
  • The first Botanical Park of Madhya Pradesh was established in Bhopal ( KataraHills).
  • Major complexes
  1. Electronic complex –  Indore
  2. Agro complex –  Chhindwara
  3. Leather complex – Dewas
  4. Stainless steel complex –  Sagar
  5. Air cargo complex –  Indore
  6. Plastic Park –  Tamot, Raisen
  7. Pharma Park –  Dhaar 
  • Madhya Pradesh government has formulated Madhya Pradesh industrial promotion policy  first in 2010 than in 2014. (Industrial promotion policy 2014 was amended in 2018).
  • Multi product Special Economic Zone is in Indore.
  • Crystal IT Park is in Indore.
  • The previous Global investors Summit was held in Indore  2018-19.
  • The projects above the first of 10 10 crore, who provide 1000 + employment are known as Mega projects in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Bicycle industry is in Guna.
  • Umbrella  industry is in Mhow Indore.
  • Sohagpur (Satna) to Phulpur (UP) pipeline Is run by Reliance, this pipeline is used for transfer of coal bed methane.

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