Major Industries Of Madhya Pradesh Part 1

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Major industries of Madhya Pradesh Part 1

Mppsc Prelims Unit 5 – B

Industries are a secondary sector of the economy, it primarily includes the manufacturing of raw materials into final goods.The secondary sector of economy plays vital role in any country’s development, the each developed the nation of the world has seen a phase of industrial revolution, where its majority of economy shifted itself from primary to secondary sector and then into the service sector.

However in India the industrial revolution has never taken place because of Imperialistic policies, the majority of European countries and Britain were able to develop their secondary sector that time (during this phase the majority of European countries industrialized at the same time India was deindustrialized).

After independence our country has faced various issues specially the deficiency of food grains,  thus in 1966 India started Green Revolution and around 1985 86 be moved directly towards the IT sector( service sector).

Because of this the secondary sector/ industries in India and in Madhya Pradesh are not able to develop to the desired level. This is the reason that the services in India and in Madhya Pradesh are available at cheaper cost. If the industrial sector would have developed then the labour force will be divided (employed) in the secondary sector but, presently the lack of employment in the secondary sector leads to surplus workforce in services, and the labour in the service sector is cheaper( due to the high supply of unemployed people).

Now the present central & state government is continuously working to develop the industries / secondary sector. For this, the central government  and the state government has taken various initiatives such as make in India program, make in Madhya Pradesh program, allowing FDI in different sector, ease of doing business, One Window clearance scheme, e- clearance scheme, Global investor Summit, dividing the projects into to general projects and mega projects etc.

The development of industries in Madhya Pradesh can be seen in three phases

  1. Limited development of industries during British rule.
  2. Development of industries after independence.
  3. Development of industries after the formation of Madhya Pradesh (After 1956).


  • In this phase limited industries were developed in Madhya Pradesh, specially related to natural resources forest, cement and cotton mills.These industries were Burhanpur cotton mill 1906-07, Malwa cotton mill – Indore 1907- 08, Associate Cement factory(ACC) Katni, Banmore factory – Morena, Kaimur Factory, Bhopal sugar mills – Sehore 1939.
  • After Independence the main cities of Central province and Berar were developed industrially; those were Nagpur, Jabalpur, Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain. One of the important factories was established in Jabalpur by the Defence ministry – Heavy Vehicle Factory Khamaria, Jabalpur, National newsprint mill Nepanagar Burhanpur, Dalod sugar mill Mandsaur, Vegetable oil factory Indore, Silk industry Gwalioretc..
  • After the formation of Madhya Pradesh different industries were developed here,these were BHEL Bhopal, ll Bhilai Steel Plant( now in Chhattisgarh), Orient Paper Mill Amlai Shahdol, Modern Bakery Ujjain,Security paper mill Hoshangabad, Bank note press Dewas etc..

The Industries of Madhya Pradesh can be categorised in following six category

  1. Agriculture and livestock based industries
  2. Forest based industries
  3. Mineral based industries
  4. Electrical and electronic based industries
  5. Pharmaceutical,herbal & chemical based industries
  6. Government enterprises public sector undertakings

Agriculture and livestock based industries

These industries are already discussed in seprate blog, click here to read


Forest based industries

The forest based industries in Madhya Pradesh can be categorised in  following manner

Paper industry

 The paper industry in Madhya Pradesh is very  diversified. these industries are as follows

  • National newsprint and paper mill – This industry is in Nepanagar Burhanpur. It was established in 1948-49.
  • It was the country’s first newspaper printing mill. The electricity for this milk is supplied by Chandni Thermal Power station Burhanpur( total capacity 17 megawatt). The bamboo is supplied from Satpura forest and water from Tapti river. It is situated in the main Itarsi Bombay railway route.
  • Security paper mill – It is in Hoshangabad, it was established in 1967 68.It is under the Ministry of Finance Government of India.It prints stamp paper, postal tickets, and currency note paper.
  • Orient Paper Mill – It is a private sector mill est. by Birla Group in Amlai,Shahdol in 1965.
  • Tissue paper mill – Indore
  • Filter paper mill Banmore – Morena

Bidi Industry

The Bidi industry in Madhya Pradesh is primarily based on a tendu patta, & Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of Tendu patta in the country.

  • The main centres for Bidi industry in Madhya Pradesh are Jabalpur and Sagar division.
  • Charan Paduka scheme is launched by the State Government for the workers of Bidi industry.
  • Bidi industry in Madhya Pradesh is developed in small scale and in Kutir Udyog.

Lumbering Industry

The lumbering industry in Madhya Pradesh is primarily based on teak forest, this industry is developed in Jabalpur Mandala Chhindwara and Rewa District of Madhya Pradesh.

Catechu Industry

Catechu is obtained from the Khair tree. Its main centres are Rewa, Sagar. However the industry for this is in Banmore, Morena.

Sealing Wax Industry

Government sealing wax factory is in Umaria Madhya Pradesh.

The Chipboard and Particle Board Factory is in Itarsi, Hoshangabad.

Diyasalai factory – In Gwalior

Mineral based industries

  1. Cement Industry – Limestone is abundant in Madhya PradeshAnd the cement industry of state are primarily based on it, important units are as follows
  • Banmore factory – This factory was established in Banmore, Morena.Its ownership is under ACC, established in 1922. This factory used to produce Portland cement.
  • Kaimur factory – This factory is under the ownership of ACC Cement company established in Katni in 1923.
  • Satna Cement factory – It was established in 1959 in Satna and produces Portland cement.
  • Maihar factory – It was established in 1980-81 in Maihar (Satna).
  • Mycem cement factory – It was established in Damoh District in 2013.Mycem cement factory was a subsidiary of German company, Heidelberg cement.

  1. Manganese industry – This industry was established in Balaghat and Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. Copper industry – Copper industry was developed in Malanjkhand, Balaghat. Its name is Hindustan Copper Limited.
  3. Rock phosphate industry – It is in Jhabua.
  4. Slate Industry is in Mandsaur.
  5. China clay industry – Is in Gwalior,Jabalpur,Ratlam,Katni.

Electrical and Electronic based Industries

  • The main industry for electrical and electronic products in Madhya Pradesh is BHEL, this Industry manufactures Switchgear, Boilers, Turbine, Transformer, Generators, Electrical Motors etc..The BHEL was established in 1960 with the help of Britain in Bhopal.
  • The medium and small industries are in Pithampur, Dewas, Mandi, Malanpur Gwalior,Chhindwara, Vidisha, Indore and Jabalpur.
  • The electronic complex is in pardeshipura Indore.

Vehicle Industry

  • The vehicle industry in Madhya Pradesh is one of the crucial industries,the state has public and private sector units of automobile industry.
  • The heavy vehicle factory is in khamaria Jabalpur and Itarsi. It is run by the defence ministry Government of India.
  • The hub of vehicle industry in Madhya Pradesh is Pithampur Dhar, it is also known as Detroit of India.
  • There are other centres of automobile industries in Mandideep and Dewas.
  • NATRAX (National Automotive Test Tracks) is in Pithampur Dhar.

Pharmaceutical,Herbal and Chemical based Industries

  • Madhya Pradesh is an important centre of Pharmaceutical, where various large and small Pharmaceutical industries are working, Who manufactures allopathic and ayurvedic medicines.
  • Vindhya herbal is the largest Ayurvedic medicine reducing unit of Madhya Pradesh, it is run by the government of Madhya Pradesh ( Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udyog Vikas Nigam)  its headquarter is in Bhopal.
  • The main private firm is Jiva Ayurveda.
  • The herbs in Madhya Pradesh are produced primarily in Satpura maikal Range and Narmada Valley.
  • The allopathic medicines are manufactured primarily in Pithampur Dhar, Mandideep Raisen, PiluKhedi Rajgarh, Malanpur Bhind, and Chhindwara.

  • The two multinational Pharmaceutical companies are Lupin ( Mandideep) & Ranbaxy ( Pithampur).
  • There are various chemical manufacturing factories who manufacture fertilizers, agrochemical, domestic chemicals, pesticides, detergents etc.These units are in Malanpur Mandideep and Pithampur.
  • The gas based fertilizer unit is in Vijaypur Guna, it is also known as Hazira Vijaipur gas pipeline, in this unit urea is manufactured from ammonia. This unit was established with the help of France and Japan.
  • The polymer manufacturing unit is in Chhindwara.

Government enterprises / Public sector undertakings (PSU)

  • Bhilai Steel Plant – it was established with the help of Russia in 1956, it was in undivided Madhya Pradesh presently is in Chhattisgarh.  presently it is under Steel Authority of India Limited.
  • BHEL – Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, was established in 1960 61 with the help of Britain. presently it is a Maharatna Company and is a leading manufacturing plant for Electrical equipment in India.
  • National newsprint and paper mill Nepanagar, Burhanpur – It was established in 1948 49 it is a newspaper printing mill.
  • Power alcohol plant – Bhopal
  • Cotton Spinning Mill – Mandsaur and in Sanawad (Khargone).
  • Security paper mill – Hoshangabad, established in 1968. It is a manufacturing unit of currency paper.
  • Bank note press Dewas – it was established in 1974 in Dewas, currency is printed in this press. Stamp paper, postal tickets also get printed over here.
  • Defence ministry units (Government of India) – Ordnance Factory khamaria Jabalpur  established in 1943 44, Heavy vehicle factory khamaria Jabalpur established in 1955, Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur established in 1943 44, Government Ordnance Factory Itarsi Hoshangabad.
  • Alkaloid factory Neemuch – It was established in 1976, by the Ministry of Finance Government of India. producers Morphine, Codeine and other narcotic substances for medicinal use.
  • Government Post and Telegraph workshop – Jabalpur –  established in 1943 44.
  • Coal exploration authorities are in Madhya Pradesh ( under Ministry of mining – GOI) Western coalfield Limited ( headquarter Nagpur), Northern coalfield Limited Singrauli, South Eastern coalfield Limited( headquarter – Bilaspur).
  • Hindustan Copper Limited – responsible for copper exploration in malanjkhand, Balaghat and Chhindwara district. It was founded in 1960.
  • Railway Coach Factory Bhopal
  • Railway sleeper factory Budni Sehore
  • Diesel engine factory Indore
  • Burhanpur Tapti Mills Limited Burhanpur 1906-07.( cotton textile mill).
  • Soybean plant Ujjain – 1963 – 64, it was established for oil extraction, and was Asia’s largest Soybean plant.
  • Timber treatment plant Indore, established in 1952.
  • MP Agro Morarji fertilizer Limited – Itarsi Hoshangabad.
  • Straw board mill – Shajapur.

Tourism industry in Madhya Pradesh

This industry of Madhya Pradesh comes in the service centre and is one of the growing industries. The tourism of Madhya Pradesh is diversified and for example presently the state government is continuously promoting forest and wildlife tourism, adventure tourism, medical tourism, film tourism etc.

In order to promote tourism in state that government has taken various initiatives such as –

Tourism policy 1995, Eco and adventure tourism policy 2000, Heritage tourism policy 2002, Tourism policy 2010.

Note – This article is described in two parts, click here to read part 2 https://mppsc.org/major-industries-of-madhya-pradesh-part-2/

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