Major Dynasties in History of Madhya Pradesh

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Major dynasties of Madhya Pradesh

Mauryan dynasty

Ashok was kumarpal{prince} of Avanti  mahajanpad and Maurya have ruled in  this region, their capital was Ujjaiyani. Ashoka has Married  to Lok Mahadevi  of Vidisha he has a son and a daughter from her Mahendra and sanghamitra.

Shunga dynasty

Pushyamitra shunga send his son Agnimitra to rule Vidisha.

It is assume that Garuda pillar/ Heliodorus pillar of Vidisha  is constructed by the successor of pushyamitra shunga , the pillar discusses about A Unani ambassador Heliodorus who visited the court of Bhagbhadra.

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Naga dynasty 

Founder — Vasu nag the dynasty ruled in Vidisha Gwalior region

Bodhi dynasty

Ruled around tripuri Jabalpur region

Madh dynasty 

Bundelkhand region

Gupta dynasty

Successor of Chandragupta-1 samudragupta has great contribution in the history of Madhya Pradesh. Eran inscription of Sagar reveals about samudragupta and it clarifies Sagar as swabhog Nagar. It is assumed that samudragupta spent his later age/old age in Sagar.

*The coins of chandragupt second are found in in Seonii Harda and varmala (Khandwa).

*Two Kumargupta related inscription were found in Mandsaur.

*Prayag prashasti incription of prayagraj describes about aadivara which is probably between Vidisha Jhansi.(as per archaeologists)

 Aoulikar (ओलिकर वंश)dynasty 

*In later fourth century (During Gupta dynasty)

*It was a branch of Malwa which ruled around Mandsaur region important rulers were Narverman,Singhverman,

Jayverman, Bahuverman.

Parivrajak dynasty (परिव्राजक वंश)

When in North India Gupta dynasty was ruling at that time this dynasty ruled in Panna region of Madhya Pradesh.

Maitrak dynasty (मैत्रक वंश) Of Vallabhi

When Gupta dynasty power was declining at that time this dynasty started ruling in western Malwa region which is also known as maitrak of Vallabhi.*Present Ratlam region of Madhya pradesh.

Maukharis dynasty

Maukharis were under the the Gupta rulers, however the declining power of Gupta dynasty the maukharis  declared themselves as independent ruler.

The Maukharis have various branches, the most powerful branch was of Kannauj.

In Madhya Pradesh maukharis have ruled in eastern nimar region and asirgarh (Burhanpur) region.

Pandav dynasty ruled around Maikal mountain region near amarkantak.

 Shail dynasty 

Around 8th century the shail dynasty has ruled in mahakaushal region.

Rashtrakuta dynasty

Founder Dhanti durg.

*The rashtrakutas have ruled between 7th to 10th century.

*The two branches of rashtrakutas were associated with Madhya Pradesh

The first branch was in Betul Amravati region and the second branch was in manyakheta region (present Solapur Maharashtra) Manyakheta branch was the most powerful branch of rashtrakutas they have attacked in Ujjain  and also defeated chalukyas of Badami.

Gurjar pratihar dynasty

First ruler -Nagbhatt First , capital – Ujjain.

Nagbhatt was defeated by Rashtrakuta ruler Dantidurga.

Miher Bhoj of pratihar dynasty has ruled in in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh his three incription were found.

Chandel dynasty

It is the most important dynasty of Madhya Pradesh.

Founder – Nannukh

Capital – Khajuraho

After the decline of Gurjar pratihar power various independent States have emerged in western and Central India one of them was Chandel.

Important rulers of Chandel dynasty:-

Harsh Dev, yashodharman, Dhan Dev, Gend Dev, Vidyadhar and Vijaypal.

– Yashodharman was the greatest ruler of chandela dynasty , he constructed Vishnu temple in Khajuraho.

-Dhang Dev is considered as the real founder of chandela dynasty he constructed parshvanath and Vishwanath temple in Khajuraho.

– Vidyadhar defeated Parmar ruler Bhoj and constructed kandariya Mahadev temple in Khajuraho.

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Parmar dynasty

Founder – Upendra Raj

Capital – Dhar. Madhya Pradesh

Important Rulers – Verisingh-1, seeyak-1,vakpati-1,varisingh-2,Seeyak-2 , Munj,sindhuraj,

Bhoj-1(Raja Bhoj).

-Last ruler of Parmar dynasty was Mehkal dev.

“Political and cultural contribution of Bhoj Parmar” 

 Bhoj first(Time- 1000-1055) (vimp.)

– He was the greatest ruler of Parmar dynasty.

– Bhoj has  established  Bhojpur City and  he constructed a large pond name – Bhojsar(present upper Lake bhopal).

-He assumed the title of Kaviraj.

-Bhoj has written total 23 books some important books are as follows :- Ayurved Sarvaswa, saraswati kanthabharan,raj mrigank,vyavhar samuchchay.

-Bhoj has established a University in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh for Sanskrit study , which is also known as Bhojshala in this he established statue of Devi Saraswati.

-During his time Dhar City  was a center of art and education.

-Raja Bhoj constructed Shiv temple and a Jain temple in Bhojpur .

Political contribution of Bhoj  Parmar 

He was a great ruler.His 11 incription were found from Ujjain depalpur Dhar, Bhojpur and Mehandipur Balaji regions of Madhya Pradesh.

-As per Dhar prashasti incription Bhoj has defeated kalchuri ruler Gangey deva.

Bhoj was defeated by Vidhyadhar.

– In last phase of ruling Bhoj has phased an alliance of his enemies in which he losted.

In enemy alliance the rulers were  Bheem first (gujrat) chalukya of Kalyani , ruler of of Tripuri and trilochan pal.

Kalachuri dynasty

The cultural dynasty have total four branches and have ruled for almost 1200 years .

four branches are as follows

  1. Kalchuri of mahishmati
  2. Kalchuri of tripuri Madhya Pradesh
  3. Kalchuri of ratanpur present Bilaspur Chhattisgarh
  4. Kalchuri of Raipur

– The main branch of Kalchuri was of tripuri one of its ruler Karan is known as Hindu Napoleon for his military achievements.

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Kachchhapghat dynasty

This dynasty is ruled between 10 to 12 century in in Gwalior and narvar (Shivpuri) region.

Yajvapal dynasty 

This dynasty ruled in Narvar region in later 13th century.

Tomar dynasty

Founder Veer Singh Dev

Capital Gwalior

Man Singh was the greatest ruler of Tomar dynasty , he is known for his political and cultural achievements. He constructed Gujari mahal, Maan mandir in Gwalior Moti lake of Gwalior was constructed by Raja Mansingh. He has initiated Gwalior Gharana  for music ,which is one of the most  prominent music Gharana of India.

– He has written Maan kotuhal (मानकौतुहल) book on music.

Farooqi dynasty

Founder Malik Raza farukhi capital Burhanpur.

This dynasty ruled in Southern Malwa region mainly nimad and khandesh.

Gondwana dynasty 

After the decline of Khilji dynasty the gond ruler have emerged.

The most important ruler was Sangram Shah Gond.

His son dalpat Shah Gond was married to Chandel princes durgavati.

After the death of Sangram Shah his son Veer Narayan Singh ruled however the real ruler was Durgavati.

She has ruled for 16 years in Gondwana region.

Akbar invaded Gondwana region during this time, Asif Khan was the commander of Akbar’s army.

Holkar dynasty

Founder Malhar Rao Holkar

Capital – Indore

Maratha sardar Malhar Rao Holkar founded the Holkar dynasty in Malwa region after facing the defeat defeat in third battle of Panipat.

Samadhi of durgavati is in Barela village Jabalpur.

Ahilyabai Holkar (1725-1795) 

Birth- Ahmednagar (MH)

Capital – Maheshwar

Ahilyabai has ruled from this dynasty after the death of her husband Khanderao Holker. She has constructed various roads Wells river Ghat temples thus she is known for her welfare works.

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Scindia dynasty

Founder Ranoji scindia

Until 1810 the capital of scindia dynasty was Ujjain letter Daulatrao sindhiya shifted his capital to Gwalior

Jivajirao scindia merged Gwalior princely state in Indian union in 1947.

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Dynasties of Madhya Pradesh

Major events and major dynasties in the history of Madhya Pradesh.

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