Major Arts and Major Folk Arts of Madhya Pradesh

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Art is a form of expression which is an imaginary thoughts ,emotion or belief of an individual. It can be expressed in form of music painting or else.

The major arts of Madhya Pradesh are as follows

It can be categorized in two catagory

1.From paleolithic to 18 century.

  1. After 18 century.
folk art


  1. The development of painting in Madhya Pradesh starts from prehistoric paleolithic and mesolithic age to modern times,The initial paintings as per archaeologist in Madhya Pradesh starts from paleolithic where we have evidences of paintings  in Bhimbetka (Raisen) & Navada toli (Ujjain) & rock shelters of Bhimbetka.

~ 1st century was at Bharthari caves Ujjain, Udaigiri caves Vidisha, Bagh caves Dhar.

~ During Ashokan period Boudha painting in stupas were excellent.


  1. After 18 century the main artists of Madhya Pradesh were “Shri Dattatreya Damodar devlalikar” , Uttam Singh Tomar, B.G.Godbole and R.K.Phadke.

Imp fact of mp GK  *(Phadke studio is in Dhar)



Prominent painters of Madhya Pradesh 

  1. Shri Vishnu chinchalkar 

    *He was born in 1917 in Dewas.He learn painting in Indore school of arts under the guidance of Shri Devlalikar.

~ He formed a group of artists named Good Friday in 1960.

2. Devyani Krishna 

She I was born in Indore and  has taken initial education of painting under the guidance of Shri Devlalikar.Later in 1940 she got diploma from J J school of arts Mumbai in 1940.


3.Syed Haider Raza :-(imp.)

He was born in Bavariya village  of Narsinghpur district in 1922.He studied at Nagpur school of art and J J school of art. He got a scholarship from French government in 1950.

His prominent paintings are as follows 

Bindu, Atal shunya ki Ananta, Ansuni awaz,Safed phool , fertility , Maa Rajasthan , Ankuran spandan etc.

He died in 2016 in France.


4.Narayan Shridhar Bendre 

He was born in Indore in 1910. He is mainly  famous for his oil painting. He has taken guidance of Shri Devlalikar from Indore school of arts.


5.Dev Krishna Jay Shankar Joshi

He was born in 1987 in Maheshwar and was the student of Shri devlalikar in Indore school of arts.

His prominent paintings are

Chudiyan kharidi Ki Dulhan, Lal pagdi , Saptahik bazar , Gaur.

6.Lakshmi Shankar Rajput

He was born in Indore in 1919. He has taken education from Indore school of arts and J J school of arts Bombay.

His famous painting is  “Varsha aagman”.

7.Maqbool Fida Husain:-(imp.)

M F Hussain was born in Solapur district of Maharashtra in 1916.He spent most of his life in Indore and has taken the education of painting from Shri Devlalikar his paintings were published on the name of Gajgamini.- He died in 2011 in London.

Major Arts / regional / folk arts of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is rich in arts and crafts where different regions of state have different category of arts, this crafts and arts are localised in nature. However they are famous worldwide, some important arts and crafts of Madhya Pradesh are as follows


  Sr no          Crafts         Region/ City                                   Features
1. Zari  Center  Bhopal An embroidery with golden colour thread.
2. Chhipa art Bhairugarh, Ujjain In this art designing on clothes are done by hand impression.
3. Bamboo craft Balaghat and the tribals of Jhabua, Mandla and Bastar region. Crafts decorative items  made from bamboo.
4. Doll craft/ making Jhabua  It is a Bhili doll craft famous artist

smt. Batto Bai.


5. Maheshwari craft/ saree Maheshwar Khargone Saree industry were initially established by Ahilyabai Holkar popular internationally.


6. Chanderi craft/ saree Chanderi Ashoknagar Sarees of  silk and cotton , popular internationally.


7. Comb Art by Banjara tribe


8. Lakh art  Mandsaur ,Ratlam , Maheshwar, Ujjain, Indore Made by sealing wax {lakh} .
9. Wood craft  Different tribes – Korku , Bhil and Baiga Toys and decorative material.
10. Stone craft Ratlam and Mandsour Different category of crafts are made on a stone By locals.


11. Puppetry craft Nimar region


Kathputli art by locals.
12. Terracotta Jhabua, Alirajpur Mandala ,Betul and Bastar


Toys, Statues,Pottery etc.


13. Bow and arrow making Jhabua By the Bhili tribals

Hand made bows and arrows.


14. Sheets ( Dhomal) Purse Necklaces and bags Bhili women of Jhabua  and Alirajpur.
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