Later Vedic Period Economy

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Later Vedic Period Economy

Aryans now have settled and also Limited use of iron was seen and agriculture have taken important place in the economy with rise of economy trade,craft also so advanced.


Cultivating land showing harvesting and weeding this four function mention in shatpath Brahman, apart from barley wheat rice lentils,green pulses(mung bean),black pulses. Cultivation was expanded over Ganga Valley plains , kings and their Prince used to participate in agricultural functions there are evidence in rigveda where 6, 8,12 even 24 oxes were pulling the cultivator . Sowing and reaping reference in several grantha, they were well aware of fertilizers , natural fertilizer of animal was considered precious , there were many reference of spells which were used to keep away agriculture disaster.

Domestcation  of animal

Cow, Ox,goat,pig, Sheep, asses etc cow was the sacred animal (atharva veda refer. )evidence shows elephant also was domesticated.

Craft and occupation

Since agriculture economy was evolving which lead to to boost new art and craft , there are evidence of ironsmith,Fishing, tanning, wooden work, pottery jewellery, utensils manufacturing ,coppersmith, sweing now exercised by only e women potters carpenters have seen exponential growth.

Art and craft raise resulted into expansion of trade, Veshya people were doing trade and their are differences of Shreni ( trade guild) ,money used to be given on interest in trade practices.

Money system (Currency) – Still there was no coins or currency , versus water system continued with its importance, cow and nishk fixed value  continued for  exchanging things.

Urbanisation – element of urbanisation was not there still we found some proto urban site like Hastinapur and Kaushambi.

In nutshell – Agriculture became prominent ,domestication of animal continued  art and craft rise gave boost to trade ,money system and urbanization yet to be evolved.

This article is compiled by Sarvesh Nagar (NET/JRF – History).

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