Important Tribal Personalities Of Madhya Pradesh

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Mppsc Prelims Notes Unit 1 Topic 8

Mppsc prelims notes / madhya pradesh ke pramukh adivasi vyaktitva

Shankar Shah

  • Shankar Shah was born Gadha Mandla[presently In mandla district] in 1783.
  • His father was Sumer Shah.
  • He was a pensioner of East India company .
  • Shankar Shah has participated in the great revolt of 1857 with his son Raghunath Shah.
  • He has participated in revolt of 1857 against British commander lieutenant general Clark( 52 regiment commander).
  • He has revolted in entire mahakaushal region of Madhya Pradesh including Jabalpur.
  • Kushal Chandra was a traitor in his court who used to provide entire information of his court to the British.
  • Shankar Shah and Raghunath Shah given capital punishment for or revolting against British on 18th September 1857.
  • The contribution of Shankar Shah were described by W.C.Arkain in his book “Narratives of events attending the outbreak of  disturbances and the the Restoration of authority in the Sagar and Narmada territories in 1857-58”.

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Pema falya

  • He was born in Chandrashekhar Azad Nagar [Alirajpur].
  • He was a Bheeli tribesmen and was a great painter of pithora art.
  • Pithora art is a religious art in which various deity  are formed to worship and the Horse is in the centre of pithora art.
  • Madhya Pradesh government awarded Pema Shikhar Samman in 1986.

Tantya Bhil

  • Tantya bhil was born in 1842 in Viri village at western nimad [Khargone].
  • He was popularly known as Tantya Mama.
  • Tantya Bhil has participated in the great revolt of 1857 at the age of 15 .
  • He was excellent in Guerrilla war tactics thus he is known as Indian Robin hood.
  • The Britishers have arrested tantya Bhil in 1888 89 and in 4 th December 1889 he was hanged.
  • Jannayak Tantya Bhil state level award is given by Madhya Pradesh government to tribal youth who performed excellent in the field of education and sport, the award amount is one lac.


Bhima Nayak

  • Bheema Naik was born in in western nimad {Khandwa} princely state presently in Barwani district panch maholi village in 1840.
  • He was brother-in-law of khajya Nayak.
  • Bhima Nayak is known as Robin hood of Nimar as he has revolted against various zamidar, sahukars and distributed the money with poor people.
  • After meeting with Tatya tope Bheema Nayak has initiated the great revolt of 1857 in Nimad region he started the movement from Sendhwa (Badwani district of Madhya Pradesh).
  • His main associates were Khajya  Nayak,Daulat Singh and Kalu Baba.
  • Bhima Nayak lead “Teer Kaman battalion” and defeated British in the war of Ambapani.
  • He caught by British in 1868 and sent to cellular jail Andaman where he hanged in December 1876.

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Khajya Nayak

  • Khajya Nayak was born in 1830 in Sangli village of Nimar region.
  • He participated in the great revolt of 1857 with Bheema Nayak.
  • He has participated in the battle of ambapani with Bheema Nayak.
  • The British government has announced 1000 rupees award on Khajya Nayak as he has revolted against British.
  • Madhya Pradesh government celebrates 11th April as Khajya Nayak day.

Dheer singh

  • He was born in kachhiya tola village of Rewa district in 1820.
  • He has participated in the great revolt of 1857 from Rewa region.
  • He was influenced by the ruler of Gadha Mandla, Shankar Shah Gond.
  • He was an important freedom fighter of Narmada valley region and was the revolutionist tribal leader.

Veersa Gond

  • On August 19, 1942 he LED a movement in Ghoda Dongri (betul) railway station where the tribesmen have removed railway line, set fire a wooden depot in Ghoda dongri.

Jangarh Singh Shyam

  • He was born in Patan garh Village in Dindori district.
  • Contribution–
  • He invented a tribal art named as Jungle Kalam.
  • His notable painting was Jung garh.
  • In 1986 Jung garh painting was awarded buy Shikhar Samman.

Gunjan Singh korku

  • He was a freedom fighter and Gandhi’s follower.
  • He lead Jungle Satyagraha in 1930 in Ghoda Dongri, Betul.
  • Koma Gond died during the Jungle Satyagraha of 1930.

Durga Shankar Mehta

  • Durga Shankar Mehta led Turiya Satyagraha in Seoni district in 1930 .
  • It is also known as Jungle Satyagraha.
  • Jungle Satyagraha of Betul and Seoni both have initiated after Mahatma Gandhi initiated Dandi March in 1930.

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Ramadheen Gond

  • He led Jungle Satyagraha in 1939 in Dongargarh presently in Chhattisgarh where imperial police have a fired on tribes man and Ramadheen Gond died.

Naresh Chandra Singh

  • He was the ruler of Sarangarh princely state presently in Chhattisgarh.
  • He was chief minister of Madhya Pradesh (13 days only).

Lal padmadhar Singh

  • He was born in Kripalpur village of Satna district.
  • He has participated in quit India movement 1942.
  • He was leader of  Tribes of Rewa region during the National movement.
  • He died during a protest of student union during quit India movement.

Dilip Singh Bhuria

  • He was born in  June 1944 in Jhabua district and died in 2015.
  • He has been elected as a member of parliament six times.
  • He was chairman of of national commission for scheduled tribe during Atal Bihari Vajpayee government.
  • Political parties – Initially Congress then BJP and then Gondwana ganatantra party.

Kantilal Bhuria

  • He was born in Jhabua district in 1950 he was elected as member of parliament from Ratlam Jhabua constituency in in 1998 ,1999 ,2004, 2009 and 2015.
  • He was a cabinet minister in Manmohan Singh government.

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Jamuna Devi

  • Born in 1929 in sardarpur Dhar.
  • She was a popular lady of state politics, she used to known as bua ji.
  • She was the first women deputy chief minister in 1998.
  • She has hold at various position for example MLA, leader of opposition (in 2003) , she has been elected as member of parliament from lok sabha and rajya sabha and also served as  cabinet minister in  state.

Phagan Singh kulaste

  • He is a politician born in mandala presently he is minister of state in Modi government. He has elected from Mandla constituency 7 times.

Raja bakhtawar Singh

  • He was a ruler of Amjhera state Dhaar.
  • He has participated in the great revolt of 1857 and lead the movement  in Dhar district.

Harsh Chouhan

  • He is native of Dhar district & is a IIT postgraduate.
  • He has done various welfare work for the tribes Jhabua,Alirajpur,and Dhar district.
  • He has iniciated Halma movement in Jhabua and Alirajpur districts.
  • He contributed for Shiv Ganga Project in Jhabua.
  • In FEB 2021 he is appointed as Chairman of National Commission For Schedule Caste.

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  • lmportant tribal leaders of bundela revolt 1842
  • Dhillan Shah Gond of Madanpur, district Narsinghpur.
  • Raja Parikshit of Jaitpur, Mahoba Uttar Pradesh.
  • Dalpat bundela of Jhejhan, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Main leader was Hirdesh Shah Gond he has participated and in The revolt and the great revolt of 1
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