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Mppsc Prelims Notes Unit 1 Topic 5


Folk music is  basically an expression of folk life or village life. It is a symbol of expression of enthusiasm towards life of village people. Madhya Pradesh is in rich cultural heritage thus it has various folk music  in different regions of state. The four regions of state Nimar,  Malwa, Bundelkhand , Baghelkhand have their separate folk music and it’s respective styles of singing. These music are sung on different occasions such a festivals fairs season and religious and marriage ceremony. Different singing styles are prevalent in state which are men and women centric.

Folk songs of Bundelkhand

MPPSC trick to remember the folk songs of Bundelkhand :-

” आयुष फाग में जगदेव , हरदोल के साथ रायता खाएगा”

डिस्क्रिप्शन –  आयुष ~ आल्हा

फाग ~ फाग , बेरायता ~ रायता ,हरदौल ~ हरदौल की मनोति, जगदेव ~ जगदेव का पुवारा.

Aalha songs

Aalha songs are based on courage and bravery. The songs have  Veer ras in their style. Folk poet jagnik composed Alha Khand which discusses about 52  battles of Allah and Udal. Aalha song are based on the bravery of Allah and Udal.

– Sung in rainy season.

Faag songs:-

Faag songs sung during the hindu festival Holi. These are of different categories for example  Rai faag,Thakur faag, Isuri                                     faag.

Jagdev ka puvara :-

It is fundamentally a bhajan song which is primarily associated with Devi worship. It is also known as Lad.

Hardol ki manoti :-

It is a bravery song of Bundelkhand.

Bairaita song :-

Virata is primarly a sung story style. In this song there is a main singer and various other singers accompany him during singing.

Bhola geet/Bambuliya / Lamtera :-

This song is sung by men and women both without any instrument, on the occasion of Shivratri Vasant Panchami and makar Sankranti. It is basically  sung in a question answer form in which men and women group sit opposite to each other.

Other songs – Beeth bavri , Gote, Saira, Raho.

Folk songs of Nimar :

Nirguniya, Kalgi turra , Sant singaji bhajan, masanya (Kayakhoj) Garba/Garbi/Gablan ,

Nagpanthi ,  masanya , Naagpanthi , Faag.



Mppsc prelims 2020 trick to remember them :-

निरा तुर्रे  नाग संत को फाग में गरबा खिला कर मारना चाहिए।

निरा ~ निमाड़ का + निर्गुनिया

तुर्रे ~ कलगी तुर्रा, नाग ~ नागपंथी

संत ~ संत सिंगाजी , फाग ~ फाग

गरबा ~ गरबा , मरना ~ मसानिया।

* Kalgi turra is a competitive style of folk song it has two groups  (akhada) kalgi and tura this song generally sung at night.

Folk songs of Baghelkhand :-

The folk songs of baghelkhand are affected by awadhi language the prominent folk songs are as follows :-

Basdeva, Bidesiya, Birha, Faag.

Mp gk Trick for mppsc :-

बसदेव जब विदेश गए तो फाग में विरह की अग्नि भड़क उठी।

Interpretation:-  विदेश~ बिदेसिया, विरह ~ बिरहा

Folk songs of Malwa :-


Bharthari songs, Heed song, Barsati songs, Tejaji songs,maach songs, Sanja songs

Trick for Mppsc pre History :-

भरथरी तेजी से हीड़ गए बरसाती फाग में ।

भरथरी उज्जैन से थे और उज्जैन मालवा में आता है अतः ट्रिक से आसानी से याद रख सकते हैं कि यह कोड  मालवा लोकगीत का है।

Other less important folk songs of Madhya Pradesh:-

– Muria tribe sang ghotul pata song.

Dariya is a song of baiga tribe.

For MPPSC prelims you just have to remember the folk  songs and their respective regions moreover the description is less important does I  did not added detailed description of same.

Other important aspect of music in Madhya Pradesh:-

* There are three music gharanas in Madhya Pradesh :-

  1. Gwalior Gharana – By Man singh tomar
  2. Indore Gharana – By Tukoroji Holkar
  3. Maihar Gharana – by Allauddin khan

Prominent musicians of Madhya Pradesh :-

Tansen :-

He was  born in Gwalior, his childhood name was Ram Tanu Mishra.

Ruler of Rewa Ramchandra give him the title of Tansen.

Later he was in the court of Sher Shah Suri son Doula khan , then with the ruler of Rewa Ram Chandra and Lastly in the court of Akbar as one of his Navratna.

* Alauddin Khan (sarod)

* Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan (sarod)

* Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit (Khayal recital)

* Raja Bhaiya Punchh Wale (Sarod)

* Ustad Amir Khan (Khayal).

Kumar gandharv – He was from karnatak and came to Dewas to cure tuberculosis.

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