Folk Arts / Paintings of Madhya Pradesh

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Mppsc Prelims Notes Unit 1 Topic 5

The folk paintings of Madhya Pradesh can be categorised in 4 parts as per the four different regions of state

Folk paintings of Bundelkhand MP

  1. Suraiti :- Drawn by women during Lakshmi Pujan – Dipawali.
  2. Mamuliya :- Drawn by unmarried girls during Navratri.
  3. Morela :- In this peacocks and snakes are drawn/painted on wall with different colours.
  4.  Naurata :- Drawn by unmarried girls during Navratri. It is drawn with haldi ,geru ,clay etc.
  5. Morte :- Drawn at the timeof marriage on main door of house.
  6. Govardhan :- Drawn with cow dung during dipawali.

Folk paintings of Nimar region

These paintings are Drawn on different festivals and occasions.

Important folk paintings of Nimar Madhya Pradesh :-

  1. Maadna :- Art of floor decoration during dipawali.
  2. Jiroti :- Drawn on Haryali Amavasya.
  3. Chtravan :- During marriage ceremony.

Others :- Pagalya, Khpadi Pujan, Thapa.

Folk paintings of Malwa region

1.Chitravan :- By women to decorate their homes.

2.Maadana :- Floor decoration.

Folk paintings of Baghelkhand region :-     a. Kohbar :- During marriage. b.Tilanga  :- Drawn by coal during different festivals.


Madhya Pradesh has largest number of tribe  ie. Gond,Bhil, Bhariya,Saheriya,Baiga.

These tribes have their distinct culture, traditions, festivals, food habits etc.

Gondi paintings

It is a wall painting which usually on the the outer wall of home. This painting is mostly prevalent in Mandla Chhindwara district and the district adjacent to Narmada river.

Baiga paintings

This painting is is created by baiga tribe in which painterly paintings are are mostly of plants, trees, God, Goddess ,rivers ,mountains.

Chhepa craft of Kukshi :-  In Dhar district.

Pithora Chitrakala 

In Jhabua and Alirajpur district of mp by Bhili tribals.

This painting is mainly of horses.

Prominent tribal printers

1.Narmada Gond.

2.Jangan  Singh Shyam.

3.Sumer Singh gondi.

* Bagh print was used to known as Alizarin it is  cloth print art of Dhar district.

Famous Artist :- Ismile Suleman ji Kali.

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