Energy Resources In Madhya Pradesh

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Energy resources in Madhya Pradesh / Major electrical projects in Madhya Pradesh

Electricity or energy is the fundamental requirement of any country’s development. The energy consumption of any country directly reflects its level of development.Presently India is fifth largest electricity producing country.

The first hydro power station in India was started in shivasamudram Karnataka in 1902,However the first electricity supply was in Darjeeling during 1897.

  • In Madhya Pradesh Gwalior princely state started producing 240 kilowatt electricity by steam turbine in 1905.
  • After independence the state government established a state electricity board  on December 1 1950.
  • The Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board  was further restructured in July 2002 into 5 different companies under Company Act 1956. These companies are associated with  power generation, power transmission, power distribution and power management. 
  • Later in the Second five year plan Madhya Pradesh state was reorganized and that time the government had established Korba thermal power plant in 1957 which used to supply electricity to Bhilai Steel Plant.
  • In 1961 Amarkantak thermal power plant was established in Chachai  Shahdol.
  • The headquarter of State Electricity Board is in Shakti Bhawan Jabalpur.
  • The first indigenously developed hydro power project of Madhya Pradesh was Bargi project 1988 its capacity is 90 MW. However the first hydel project was Gandhi sagar power in 1960.
  • The energy capital of Madhya Pradesh is Baidhan Singrauli.
  •  The first thermal power project of Madhya Pradesh installed in Nepanagar Burhanpur (Chandni thermal power station)in 1953, it was used to supply Electricity to National newsprint mill  Nepanagar.
  •  The largest Thermal Power centre of Madhya Pradesh is –  Vindhyachal Thermal Power centre.
  • Jamgod rani Dewas is known for wind energy.The first Biomass plant was installed in Kasai village of Betul district.

The energy resources in Madhya Pradesh can be categorised in following aspects 

  1.  Thermal energy
  2.  Hydel energy
  3.  Solar energy
  4.  Wind energy
  5.  Nuclear energy

  •  The energy resources can be divided into conventional and nonconventional forms of energy resources.The conventional sources are those sources which have been used for a very long time and are exhaustible in nature, while the non conventional energy resources are those resources which are recently invented and are non exhaustible in nature.

The conventional  energy resources such as  Petroleum natural gas coal atomic minerals and hydropower( large).

The non conventional energy resources are solar energy, wind energy, Biomass, Biogas, Geothermal, Tidal energy etc..

  • In order to promote renewable energy /  non conventional energy resources,Madhya Pradesh government has established Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited in 1982 in Bhopal.

Important Thermal Power Centres 

  1. Chandni thermal power  centre –  Nepanagar Burhanpur – 17 MW Capacity
  2.  Vindhyachal Thermal Power centre –   Waidhan Singrauli –  2260 MW (largest centre).
  3.  Amarkantak Thermal Power centre – Chachai Shahdol – 450 MW.
  4.  Thermal Power centre –   Pathar Kheda, Sarni  Betul – 1350 MW.
  5. Sanjay Thermal Power centre –  Birsinghpur Pali (Umaria) – 1340 MW.
  6.  Singaji Thermal Power centre –  Khandwa – 1200 MW.
  7. Bandhav Thermal Power center – Singrauli.

Important Hydro Power Centres 

  1.  Gandhi Sagar Dam 57.5 MW
  2.  Pench project 
  3.  Bansagar project 90 MW
  4. Tons project 
  5.  Rajghat project
  6.  Indira Sagar project  – 1000 MW
  7.  Maheshwar project – 450 MW
  8. Madikheda Hydro Project – Shivpuri

Nuclear Power Project :- NPCIL – Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited  has proposed two projects in Madhya Pradesh

  1.  Chutka village Mandla 1400 MW (700 * 2 UNIT)
  2. Bhimpur, Shivpuri (1400 MW)
  • Both projects are Proposed.

Solar Power Plants

  • The Solar energy Park is in Ganeshpura, Rajgarh.
  •  Rewa ultra mega  solar power  plant – Rewa – 750 MW.
  • Neemuch Solar Power Plant – 450 MW.
  •  Both projects are functional under the National Solar Mission.


  • Some small projects are of Biogas and Biomass.
  • BLA Power plant is in Gadarwara (Narsinghpur) – Private
  • Chandel hydel project – Khandwa.
  • Energy Research & Development Institute are in three places – 
  1. RCVP Noronha Academy Of Administration Bhopal
  2. DAVV Indore
  3. Dr.BabaSaheb Ambedkar Social Science Institute Mhow, Indore.
  • Gas Based Power House is in Bhander (Datia). 
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