Elements Of Social Harmony

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MPPSC mains  GS paper 2 part B Unit 4

Elements Of Social Harmony

This topic of MPPSC mains is part of sociology.


The study of society in each dimension of it is called Sociology it includes social life,social change,social causes and consequences of human behaviour,social structure, social relations, social conduct etc.

Auguste Comte is known as the father of sociology.

He was the first person who used the term sociology in 1938.

Social harmony meaning :-

people of all religion caste culture living peacefully in common trust as a society is called social harmony. In a narrow sense it means social equality.

in social harmony the society is free from all sort of discrimination based on caste religion race sex etc.

  •  Social harmony is a process of expressing and promoting love, trust and peace harmony in any society regardless of their nationality, origin colour, gender Race etc.
  •  Social harmony improves  peace and Cohesion among propleMukesh of the Nation and helps citizens to abide laws.

Essential aspects of social harmony :-

There are several elements of social harmony that help to maintain harmony in the community for example –  education, media,art,t social media, jobs and careers etc.

Education :-

Education plays a crucial role in the development of social harmony in society. It should have a humanitarian and peacebuilding nature and youth should be empowered and educated with liberal mindset, not with the religious mindset. If it is provided in a progressive manner then definitely it can bring a great shift in society, which further establishes social harmony.

Media :-

In the present democratic world media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy, which precisely serves the people of the country. Its role is very crucial and important to Develop the social harmony.

In order to bring social harmony media should be self regulated, unbiased, fair and accurate and should follow the ethics in collecting news it should use socially acceptable language which should not hurt the sentiments of people of any community.


Art is an important  form of expression. It is also an important medium of spreading the message of peace and brotherhood presently there are various forms of Arts such as books, movies, plays, paintings,webseries etc.

Social Media

If we use social media as a platform to bring harmony then it has huge potential. However it has a darker side as well as misleading information and certain violent  posts create tension in society.

Social media is being misused by various people in order to disturb social harmony in majority cases.

Jobs and Career

financial stability, job, income, independence, not only keep the youths & our society motivated but also aware them about the importance of harmony and growth. In this way economic Wellness reduces the discrimination on the basis of caste religion language race etc.

Elements of social harmony

  • Peaceful coexistence
  • Feeling of gratitude
  • Selflessness
  • Coordination
  • Fraternity
  • Common good
  • Coordination
  • Membership
  • Social awareness
  • Empathy and sympathy

Other important elements of social harmony 

  • The constitution of India provided the provisions of Equality Liberty Fraternity Secularism, which is an important aspect of social harmony in India.
  • The Government of India continuously makes efforts to To minimise the Regional disparity.
  •  presence of independent and impartial judiciary.
  •  Modern education system which primary focus is on capacity building skill development( making India and knowledge superpower).
  •  Development of modern technology scientific knowledge which reduces social rigidness.

Purpose of social harmony

Social harmony is very important for any Nation, it brings the feeling of nationalism among the citizens, and unites the country. Moreover it establishes Humanism,gender equality, Cosmopolitan culture, and the idea of inclusive development in any nation.

Government initiative to bring social harmony

  • Madhya pradesh Antarjatiya vivah protsahan yojna :- Monetary & other benefits are given to promote intercaste marriages.
  • Gramoday se Bharat uday Abhiyan.
  • Samaji samrasta diwas on 6 December.
  • Samajik nyay diwas on 14 April.
  • Samvidhan diwas on 26 november
  • Schemes of government and association of NGOS.
The article is compiled by Ritik Sahu

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