Contribution Of Madhya Pradesh In Freedom Movement

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In this blog we will going to discuss about the the modern history of Madhya Pradesh which will include its contribution, important revolts, important freedom fighters and other important events, for MPPSC prelims 2020 – 2021 – 2022 – 2023  and onwards :-

Kunwar Chain Singh 

The modern history of Madhya Pradesh begins with the incident of Narsingarh with the first martyr of Madhya Pradesh  Chain Singh.

*Chain Singh was Prince of narsinghgarh princely state of Madhya Pradesh in Rajgarh district, he has fight with British agent general Medock and was died in 24th June 1824 in sehore Dussehra maidan.

Bundela revolt 1842:-

Bundela revolt outbreaked in Narmada Sagar region of Madhya Pradesh and in Bundelkhand region, where the venture of  Bundela, Rajput, Gond,  Lodhi rulers and zamindars have jointly revolted against British however due to the betrayal of Mardan Singh of banpur state and Bhaktwali the revolt was not successful.

Budwa Mangal

It was the first all india  proposal for the independence of India proposed in bundela revolt.The proposal was passed in charkhari.

Important people associated with bundela movement:-

*King of Hirapur Hirdesh Shah

*King of Madanpur Dhillon Shah

*Jagirdar of chirgaon Rao Basant Singh

*King of Jaitpur Raja Parikshit

*Deewan of Jhijhan Daspat bundela

* Hirdesh Shah has participated in bundela revolt as well as in the revolt of 1857.


“The great revolt of 1857 in Madhya Pradesh”

The great revolt of 1857 in India has started from Meerut cantt and later it spreaded  in other parts of the country.

*In Madhya Pradesh the movement outbreak on 3rd June 1857 from Neemuch cantt.

*On 14th June 1857 The revolt outbreaked in murar chhawani[cannt] of Gwalior. Here the political agent was Macpherson and Jiwaji Rao scindia helped him however both the british and scindia later Moved to Agra.

*In Jhansi the movement outbreak on 6th June 1857.

*In order to to crush The revolt in Jhansi – Gwalior region general Hugh Rose was appointed as political agent on 18th December 1857 he successfully crushed the revolt and it was able to you conquer the lost places.

* Sikandar begum of Bhopal helped British in this movement.

Rani Lakshmibai bai of Jhansi  fought against British. she was widow of of Gangadhar Rao, her son was Damodar Rao. Her main associate was Jhalkari Bai.

Tatya tope lead the revolt in jhansi gwalior region but later he was betrayed by Mansingh who was ruler of narvar{ Shivpuri} &  on 18th April 1859 Tatya tope was hanged in Shivpuri.

Other important regions and their leaders who participated in the great revolt of 1857 from Madhya Pradesh

Sr no.                                       Name of leaders Region/district/cities/towns of mp
1 Shankar Shah Gond and Raghunath Shah Gond Gadha mandala
2 Sheikh Ramzan Sagar
3 Fazil Mohammed Khan Bhopal (gadhi ambapani)
4 Avanti Bai Ramgarh, Mandla
5 Meherban Singh Narsinghpur
6 Thakur Daulat Singh Nemawar, devas
7 Sahadat Khan Mhow, indore
8 Raja bakhtawar Singh Amjhera, Dhaar
9 Madhukar Shah Raipur ,Chhattisgarh
10 Tantya Bhil Khargone
11 Bhima nayak & khajya nayak Western nimar & Badwani
12 Ranmat Singh Rewa
13 Tatya tope Kanpur Jhansi Gwalior
14 Thakur sarju Prasad Vijayraghavgarh


– Girdhari Bai  was main associate of Avanti bai.

Contribution / Role of Madhya Pradesh in national movement

The beginning of Nationalist activities in Madhya Pradesh has a started since 1885 in which the Marathi speaking  region of Madhya Pradesh started celebrating Ganesh utsav and  Shivaji utsav by the inspiration of Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

*In the Lahore session of 1898 of INC(Indian National Congress)  Dr Hari Singh Gour proposed his ideas about education and opposed the English education.

*The non cooperation movement 1920 – 21 has its shadow in Madhya Pradesh Seoni district , where the leaders were Dunidi raj jatav and Abdul Gaffar Khan.

Mahatma Gandhi:- “IN MADHYA PRADESH”

* Mahatma Gandhi visited Chhindwara and Seoni in 1921, later in 1933  he visited Narsinghpur Balaghat ,Mandala, Damoh Harda and Khandwa in 1934 he visited Sagar.

* Gandhi started individual Satyagraha in 1940 from Jabalpur.

Important facts of modern history of Madhya Pradesh

* The outbreak of Neemuch cantt it was crushed by colonel Sobers.

* The quit India movement 1942 in Madhya Pradesh was started in Vidisha.

* Makhanlal Chaturvedi wrote Pushp ki Abhilasha in Bilaspur jail.

*Lalgarh fort is in Amjhera dhaar Madhya Pradesh.

*Kayatha Ujjain is birthplace of Varahmihir.

*Subhas Chandra Bose and Sharad Chandra Bose arrested in Seoni jail in 1932.

*Jabalpur jhanda Satyagraha/ flag movement/ Jabalpur flag Satyagraha :- 1923

Initially started at Jabalpur and later shifted to Nagpur

Main Leaders –

“Makhanlal Chaturvedi pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Purushottam Das Tandon Acharya Vinoba Bhave Sarojini Naidu Maulana Abul Kalam Azad sardar Patel Rajendra Prasad Subhadra Kumari Chauhan pandit sundarlal.”

In this movement the Jabalpur Congress committee hosted the flag (tricolour) in the building of of Jabalpur municipal corporation.

* Civil disobedience movement 1930/ the Salt Satyagraha :- Pandit Dwarka Prasad Mishra initiated the movement in Madhya Pradesh.

In Seoni Durga Shankar Mehta led this movement.

Jungle Satyagraha / forest Satyagraha :-

Mahatma Gandhi initiated Dandi March in 1930, the tribes and the local people of Madhya Pradesh were inspired by this and initiated the Jungle Satyagraha. In Madhya Pradesh the two districts were mainly associated with jungle Satyagraha :-

1.Turiya Jungle Satyagraha – Seoni – By Durga Shankar Mehta 1930

2.Ghoda dongri Jungle Satyagraha – Betul –  By Ganjan Singh korku 1930

Charan paduka massacre 1931 :- It is known as Jallianwala Bagh massacre of Madhya Pradesh :- 14th January 1931 in Chhatarpur district Charan paduka village.

British political agent Fisher ordered firing in this incident in which six freedom fighters work killed and 29 others were injured.

Punjab Mail incident 23-24 July 1931 :-

Three freedom fighters Yashwant Singh ,Dev Narayan Tiwari and Dalpat Rao have attacked Punjab mail train in Khandwa station in which they tried to to kill a British officer lieutenant Hexat and Shehun.

*Suhawal incident 1938 held in Birsinghpur Pali leader – Buddhi Pratap Singh.

*Mahadev teli died during quit India movement 1942 to in Betul – Multai.

* Virsa gond died in ghoda dongri Betul during a protest of quit India movement.

* Chichli incident — It took place in 1942 you during quit India movement in Gadarwara dist. Narsinghpur.

*Rice movement it held in Rewa in February 1947.

*Congress session held in 1939 in tripuri Jabalpur. Initially the president was Subhash Chandra Bose, However due to conflict with Gandhi  ji later Dr Rajendra Prasad became the president.

Chandrashekhar Azad :- Born in 23rd July 1906 ine Bhabhara Alirajpur.

He has participated in kakori robbery .

His pseudo Name was Harishankar Brahmachari.

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