Concept Of Civilization And Culture

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Concept Of Civilization And Culture

Mppsc Mains GS 2Part B Unit 4

Civilization :-

Civilization is a latin which means civitas and civis, its english meaning is “city dwellers who live in a permanent place and are also educated and have Complex behaviour”.


Definition :-   A civilization is a complex human society that may have certain characteristics of cultural social and technological development.We can also say that civilization is the advanced level of social and human development.


According to Taylor :-  Civilization is the evolving state of mankind, in which a high class individual and social organisation is found, which aims to enhance human qualities, strength and happiness.


According to Melver & Page :-  They believed that Civilization counts the material elements that meet our needs and are used as a means to achieve our objectives.


Features of Civilization :- 

  1.  The  transfer and spread of civilization is done easily.
  2.  It expresses a high level of development of culture.
  3.  It is tangible in nature
  4.  Civilization is progressive and it always moves forward in every dimension.
  5. It  expresses a high level of development of all forms of culture.


Major civilization of the world :-

There were different categories of civilizations around the world according to their origin, race, region etc.Majority of Civilization of the world on the bank of any important river. Important civilizations of the world are as follows —


  1. Indus Valley Civilization :-
  • (Period 3300 – 1900 BC)
  • Location – It was on the bank of the Indus river.
  • Presently it is in between India and Pakistan.
  1. Mesopotamian Civilization :
  • Period – 3500 to 500 BC
  • Location – Iraq,Syria,Turkey.
  • It was on the bank of the Euphrates and Tigris river.
  • It is considered the first civilization of the world.


  1. Egyptian Civilization :- 
  • Period – 3150 to 30 BC
  • Presently it is in Egypt.
  • This civilization was on the bank of the Nile river.
  • The pyramid of Giza is an example of Egyptian civilization.
  1. Chinese Civilization :
  • Period 1600 to 1046 BC
  • Location it was on the bank of Yangtze region and the Yellow river.
  • It is assumed that the credit invention of paper and Silk was of this civilization.


Culture :-

The culture word is derived from a Latin word Cultura which means religious version or worship.Culture is very important for any civilization as it provides the essence of Civilization.

The culture refers to the knowledge and features of a specific group of people, living in a region. It is primarily the activities of any society.

According to Taylor :- Culture is a complex entity with a mix of Faith,art,ethics, laws and other similar abilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

Features Of Culture :-

  • It is a learned behaviour.
  • Culture varies from society to society.
  • It has great influence on the geography of a particular region,religious belief, social and economic needs, security needs etc.
  • Culture indicates the way of life of a society.
  • The culture is reflected in the nature of each individual of a particular society.
  • Attitude, values, and knowledge is included in the culture.
  • Members of a society share the same culture with another.
  • The culture touches every aspect of life thus it is pervasive in nature.

Elements Of Culture :- There are different elements of culture such as language,values,norms, symbols,rituals,education etc. for example language is primary means used to transact information and ideas among society moreover local languages also helps in understanding situations and provides Direct Access to concerned people.


Relationship between Culture and Civilization :- 

Generally we consider that both the phrases are Synonym to each other however both are different in their deeper means, in Civilization the physical side is prominent while in culture the ideological aspect is prominent. Civilization and culture both are man made. one is for his comfort and another for his satisfaction and happiness.

The culture is the breeding ground of Civilization and Civilization provides us strength and stamina for Wheels of society to March on.

According to Ogburn “Civilization represents materialistic culture and culture implies non material culture.

If civilization is like a body then culture is its soul.

civilization is an ocean while cultures are rivers which mix to form civilization.

Civilization is a bigger unit than culture and it is a complex aggregate of society that deals with a certain area and it forms government norms and even culture thus we can say culture is one part of an entire civilization.In short civilization is the  moving force of any society and culture is its steering wheel.

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