Communist Country And It’s People

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Communist Country And It’s People

Wonder Woman 1984 movie in which Max lord asked desire of people and offer them boon and gifts, but every boon or gift has a price the receiver has to pay. In exchange of gifts Max lord took their courage, free will , health , freedom etc . It look like Now  China  wants to play Max lord and Chinese people receiving their gifts may be or may not be desired in exchange of economic well being China throttled  democracy.  In previous century an experiment of USSR come out to be failed project. China may be cautious but surely  it is following USSR.

The rise of USSR was astonishing in a decade Russia established itself as a superpower in global map. One and half five year plan of USSR devoted to food production and necessary goods which were needed to survive. But the rise of Hitler forced USSR go for arms production. And after that Stalin never looked back what they had promised as a socialist country.USSR did everything to make Russia great but missed its people ‘s economic well being. USSR is not anymore like it used to be. its past Glory cannot be compared. Now China is new USSR but upgraded USSR 2.0.

China corrected itself became the version of USSR 2.0.  Surely it focused on the economic well-being of its people which USSR did not and then marched it’s steps towards world geo-politics. I have a question Is China a correct version of USSR ?. In some cases China upgraded itself from socialist USSR style to communist China style where poverty is not a issue but free will  and nature of govt is. we all  know there was iron curtain in USSR that was the weakness of USSR and strength of America (always had advantage or even today have advantage of democracy).Communist countries,The more they suppressed people more they become rebellious. The more they put restrict people more they  want to be free. The more they hide from people , more people try to find. China is still vulnerable country especially from democracy point of view. This part lacked both China and USSR. What happened to to East European countries and Central Asian countries is eyes opener. In the age of globalisation where information communication and technology played and vital role and all the people have access to to internet holding them back not  to see, read and watch seems impossible. The artificial ways are not enough to kill the free will , sooner or later people will ask their rights in China.

Once Jean Jacques Rousseau mentioned human is born free but yet he is everywhere in chains , in case of China it applied more suitably. The emptiness of intellectuality and free will is so deep that it even a common Chinese blogger youtuber was punished after he tried to disclose the reality of galwan valley. It’s not happening first time it just a tip of an iceberg.Tiananmen Square Massacre1989 to Jack ma , the list goes on. How ok is that to hide  massacre , genocide what Russia did to Tatar and mangol ethnicity people China is doing against uighur Muslim. Seems that Xi Jinping has a soul of Stalin. It is evidently true that it on the name of socialism and communism most of the state  brought plunder and bloodshed.

The harsh way of Chinese growth and development attracted many of third world countries but at what cost. The disaster faced by common people cannot be measured. Once Albert Einstein mentioned ,” Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a Man of values. Raising your line not a bad thing but raisng your line by shortening others is a bad thing. How China has became a nightmare for neighbouring countries. And claim everything which it did not own in South China sea.

So let me ask unanswered question again . Has  China corrected all the USSR mistakes ? The answer is big NO” the very foundation of communist party of China is problematic where few people enjoy ultimate powers to rule others. It is a form of meritocracy, really ? I know who will examine or supervise the merits. Of course communist party of China. as Pakistan is a state which controlled by A military same way China is a state which controlled by a communist party  .It means that there is no role to play for  common people of China in election and politics. A system which ignore the people after sometime people ignore and  reject  them After realising the empty promises of communism and socialism. That is why only few state remain as communist country in present scenario ; China, Russia, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba (North Korea does not considered itself communist state.)

With quotation of jean Jack Rousseau I’ll conclude my article, he said – “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery”. There might be an number flaws in democracy but still it is the best available model to governance people evolved and  developed by humanity. A system without support of people and against their will cannot be  sustain it has been seen in history. Changing the nature of cruality and violence will not change the result.

This article is written by Sarvesh Nagar – (All views are personnel).

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