Climate of Madhya Pradesh

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Climate of Madhya Pradesh

Mppsc Prelims Unit 3

The climate refers to the average of weather conditions taken over a longer period of time.

The climate of Madhya Pradesh is the same as Indian climate, which is a tropical monsoon climate.

Madhya Pradesh dates majority of its rainfall from South West monsoon winds.

Madhya Pradesh is situated in the middle of India thus also known as Hriday Pradesh, the Tropic of Cancer passes through in the middle of the state.Madhya Pradesh is a landlocked state we are majority of its portion is letter based moreover it is second largest state of India  in area,there are  various factors which affects the climate of Madhya Pradesh, such as distance from the ocean,video the temperature difference, precipitation, humidity, Distribution of land and water, altitude, latitude etc.

On the basis of climatic condition the climate of state has been divided into following 4 parts :-

  1. Northern plains
  2. Vindhya region
  3. Malwa plateau
  4. Narmada Valley


  • The northern plains have extreme climatic conditions, it includes following regions of Madhya Pradesh, Bundelkhand,Rewa Panna plateau and Central India plateau. The reason behind the climatic extremism is the absence of moderate effects of the ocean.
  • Vindhyan region for Vindhya hilly region Health balanced climate conditions, which means here all the Seasons like summers,winters are moderate in nature.
  • The Malwa plateau climatic conditions are comparatively even.Here the climate is slightly hot and moderately cold in summers and winter respectively.
  • In Narmada Valley region the summers are extremely hot and the winters are moderately cold, here monsoon type of climate is primarily.

          Facts :-

  • The highest temperature so far was recorded at Ganjbasoda in Vidisha district at 47.8 degrees centigrade.
  • The lowest temperature was recorded in Shivpuri Madhya Pradesh 2 degree centigrade.
  • The highest rainfall in the state is recorded in Pachmarhi in Mahadev Hills 199
  • The lowest rainfall in the state is recorded in Bhind 55 cm.
  • Madhya Pradesh has three seasons –  Summer ( March to June) , Rainy (June to October) and Winter (October to March).The summer season in the state is comparatively long as the Tropic of Cancer passes through in the middle of the state.
  • The total Agro climatic zone in Madhya Pradesh is 11.

Rainfall in Madhya Pradesh :- 

Madhya Pradesh  receives rainfall from Southwest monsoon winds, the monsoon reaches in Madhya Pradesh usually in the first week of June.

The regions of Madhya Pradesh are divided into four categories on the basis of annual precipitation :-

  1. Region of least rainfall.(50cm to 75 cm).
  2. Region of average rainfall.(75 cm to 100 cm).
  3. Region of more than average rainfall.(100 cm to 125 cm).
  4. Region of high rainfall.(more than 125 cm).



  • You can locate the district as per the above mentioned regions.
  • The northern Madhya Pradesh receives rainfall during winter due to Western disturbance.
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