Battle Of Plassey 1757

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Battle of Plassey 1757

  • On Alivardi Khan’s death in 1756, Siraj-ud-daula, his grandson became the Nawab of Bengal at 24. Soon after his accession to the throne, the Nawab came into conflicts with the English in Bengal.
  • Siraj prevented the English from fortifying Fort William. However the English refused to stop the new fortification which prompted the Nawab to attack their factory at Cassim Bazar.
  • The Nawab captured Fort William, taking 146 Englishmen prisoners. Holed up in a very small room 123 died on 20th June, 1756 out of suffocation and only 23 survived. English historians describe this incident as the Black Hole Tragedy.
  • This incident instigated the English at Chennai to send a relieving force under Robert Clive alongwith Admiral Watson to And Clive entered into a conspiracy with Mir jafar, the Commander-in- Chief of Siraj-ud-daulah.
  • Clive marched towards Plassey on 23rd June, 1757; which was near the Nawab’s capital of Murshidabad.
  • As agreed earlier, Mir Jafar, the Commander-inchief of Siraj-ud-daula did not take up arms against the English army and on the other hand the Nawab’s soldiers fled from the battlefield.
  • Later the Nawab was killed by Miran, Mir Jafar’s son and the latter was made the Nawab of Bengal as promised by Clive.
  • The conspirators against Siraj, besides Mir Jafar included Manick Chand, the office-in-charge of Calcutta, Amichand, a rich merchant, Jagat Seth, the biggest banker of Bengal and Khadim Khan, who commanded a large number of the Nawab’s troops.
  • Mir Madan and Mohan Lal, loyal to the Nawab fought bravely but were killed due to treachery of Mir Jafar and Rai Durlabh.
  • The battle of Plassey was merely a skirmish but in its results was one of the most decisive battles in Indian history as it paved the way for the foundation of the English rule in India.
  • The English acquired a large sum of money from the new Nawab – the first installment of wealth paid to the Company being a sum of £ 8,00,000, all paid in coined selve. Jafar granted the English, zamindari of 24 Parganas and a personal gift of 2,34,000 pound to Clive
  • Mir Jafar became a puppet in the hands of Clive and could not satisfy the demands of the English. He was forced to resign in 1760.
  • His son-in-law, Mir Kasim succeeded him but in due course of time he too failed to satisfy the growing demands of the English.

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