Aurobindo’s Ideas On Nationalism

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Aurobindo’s Ideas on Nationalism

New interpretation of nationalism

Aurobindo gave a new form to nationalism but did not consider India as a geographical entity or country only, but he saw India as a divine form (mother). He used to say India is a dependent country, means our mother is unfree and our religion is to liberate it.

Spiritual form of nationalism

Aurobindo considered nationalism to be an active religion and the main weapon for its attainment is spirituality, it is not a nationalist movement, it is religion and it has to be derived from spirituality. In this way Aurobindo gave nationalism a spiritual form.

Internationalism and Nationalism

Along with nationalism, Aurobindo also believed in internationalism. Each state should be independent, should get a constructive role in the world community. They had imagined a world community and world rule before UNO came into existence. Aurobindo’s nationalism contained inter nationalism and humanity

Rise of Nationalism

Aurobindo says that the emergence of the nation does not happen suddenly, for this special civilization and respect cultural culture is imperative, people of common ideas come together to form a larger structure from which the rule code is developed and political unity is born.

Objective of nationalism

The nationalism of Sri Aurobindo was a campaign to awaken the countrymen, the countrymen should be proud of the country’s culture and make all round progress and it was a call for nationalism of Aurobindo.

This article is compiled by Sarvesh Nagar (NET/JRF).

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